MYX TV Network – Asian Reality Show


Now casting Asian Americans for a new Reality TV show!

The Asian American TV Network MYX TV is creating a new reality series and is currently casting Asian Americans in the Los Angeles area who may have some unique life stories such as living a double life.

Myx TV was launched in 2007 and caters to the Asian-American market. Last year a deal struck with Time Warner brings the cable channel into 10 million households. Myx TV is the only counterpart of Myx, a music channel in the Philippines but it is operated independently and carries different programming.

The network focuses on music oriented programming but is now getting into the realm of reality TV. It’s newest reality show “cheap date” can be seen on their website.


Do you defy stereotypes? Are you hiding a scandalous secret?
Live a unique life? Are in a crazy situation?

We want to profile your story!

SAMPLE STORIES (Hit us up we’re open to anything!)

I Pass For White
I’m a Teen Mom
I’m Undocumented
I have a Bizarre Obsession
I’m getting double eyelid surgery
I’m being Bullied
I’m in a Gang
I’m living a double life

Asian American
18-35 years old
Living within 50 miles of Los Angeles

Name, Age, Location
A description of your story
A recent photo

Asian auditions reality show

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