New Girl Group Of 2013!


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location: Philadelphia

Category: Singers

Hello, my name is Kierra, I’m 14 years old, and I would like to form a girl group! We will be starting from scratch, writing our own songs together, singing on Youtube, going out singing in Public for Talent Shows or just singing around in a mall or something, things like that to get noticed! If you would like to help me create a new, fresh girl group then please e-mail me! I will need a video of you singing, your name, and your stage name. You have to be from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! We will pick the group name together!

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Philadelphia
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4 thoughts on “New Girl Group Of 2013!

  1. Halle Dudley

    My Daughter Is A Wonderful Singer And She Is Scared And Still In The Box. I Think Putting Her In A Girl Group Would Be Great. She’s Always Talking About Being Like The Omg Girlz And She Acts Like A Star At Home And AT church. So Being Like This Outside of Those Places And On Stage With Other Girls Would Be Great For Her (:

  2. tatyana

    I would so like to join but I don’t know how to contact you by a email do you have a twitter mine is I got bieber fever.

  3. T Johnson

    Hi my daughter is interested in the Girl Group 2013! but there is no contact info? Is there another way of contacting this girl?


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