New York City – looking for a DP with RED CAMERA for a short film

Where: New York,NY
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Type: Film

Seeking DP with Red Epic/TROPFEST (Astoria, Queens)
B&T PRODUCTIONS is looking for a crew to help film their new short! We will submit to Tropfest 2013 ***

SHOOT DATES: April 27th & 28th

CHINVAT will be a high-paced, visual thriller about a man’s fight with death to return to his family.


DP/Cinematographer with a Red Epic and Experience in slow motion. This movie
will be shot in the vein of 300, Gamer, Fight Club, and Domino.

Sound Technician who is experienced at catching ambience and effect sounds. This
movie will have little to no dialog.

Associate Producers, who can help scout locations, ask for favors, keep licenses in
order, reset squibs, and help clean up our locations when we leave (you will not be alone)

Makeup Artist with a skilled eye at subtlety and recreation of looks, as well as
accentuation of certain features.

contact asap ,
thank you!


City or Location of call: New York,NY
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