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Where: New York
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Type: Theater

OBSIDIAN MEDIA GROUP ( is accepting submissions for
FLAMBEAUX. Please email photos and resumes to flambeauxtheplay@gmail. Seeking Equity and
Non-Equity. Open Call on Wed. June 12th at Focus Lounge, 337 Nostrand Brooklyn from 5-10 PM. Appointments and Call backs will be held in Manhattan on June 15th and June16th, 2013 by appointment only. 1st rehearsal, July 8th, 2013.
Opening in August. Pay.

FLAMBEAUX, by Nandi Keyi, This Carnival play with Music is about a community caught in three
different worlds in Colonial Trinidad, who against the backdrop of colonialism and Masculine
domination, are fighting for relevance and home.

For “Flambeaux”, we are assembling a talented group of Musicians, Singers, Actors and Dancers
who will agree to lend their talents to the project. Along with Playwright Nandi Keyi are Co-Directors Roderick Warner and Larry Floyd, Musical Director Jeff Bolding with Dramaturgy by Shawn Renee Graham.

SAGARAT: A striking young man in his early twenties; one of an emerging group of
African-Trinidadians with the ability to read and write. He is a country boy from the village of Cedros.
BREEZE: An elderly but strong chantwelle (town singer); the founder “Homer Yard.” He is very fond of Rum.
SELLO: A famous young prizefighter schooled in the art of stickfighting: an indigenous form of battle using
sticks cut from the poui tree. He dies in battle and his apparition is often seen in Homer Yard.
CHORUS: The inhabitants of Homer Yard; men, women children.
MARY: A woman in her mid-seventies. Her head is tied with a black cloth, as a symbol of grief over her dead
son, Sello. She is Homer Yard’s Matriarch and Lucretia’s Godmother. She is also clairvoyant.
ADMINISTRATOR: A white man, early forties, excellent carriage. He is top-level colonial official but he is not the
boss. He is Lucretia’s Father.
LUCRETIA: A young mulatto woman of sixteen; awkward but very lovely. She is very refined; her long, coarse
red hair is usually concealed in a scarf. She is half sister to Sybil and the daughter of the administrator.
SYBIL: An attractive woman in her mid-thirties. Dark, bossy, sassy, crude and sexy: like an early dominatrix. She
a well-packaged; well-worn woman and renown Queen of the Homer Yard masquerade band.
BIG CITY: Homer Yard’s “bad-John:” a visionary and troubled leader. He is middleaged; extremely strong and
powerful. He consumes everything and everyone in his path and is accustomed to getting his way.
RAMJIT: An East Indian tailor, who lives along the Homer Yard track. In love with Sybil.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York
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