Documentary Guns & Children – NY


Where: New York Film Academy 100 E17th St NY NY 10003
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Type: Student Films

Interview kids
New York Film Academy
on the 3rd floor room “Ohshima”

on June 2nd Sunday 11am-5pm

Open Interview

My name is Nanako Senda who is a student at New York Film Academy.
This is my thesis project and documentary about guns issue in this country.

I want to interview children, 3rd to 6th grade kids, what they think about guns issues in this country and how they feel about it.

Since this is very sensitive topic, I would love to discuss with parents to make it the most comfortable way.

I want to have kid talk in front of camera one by one. If they are passionate enough and are able to speak their opinion by themselves, I just roll the camera. If it is difficult, I may ask questions below.

1) Why do you think people keep guns in this country ? Why do you think in some other country people are not allow to have guns ? What is the difference ?

2) Do we need guns in the future ?

3) Do you like to play with toy guns or video game which includes the violence scene with guns ? Do you like to see the film or cartoon which have gun violence scene ? Do you think these materials effect small kids feel ok to shoot someone ?

The main goal of my film is to show adults the reflection of our society and let them know what kids really want. Because children are our future. I believe they observe atmosphere and realize what is going on more than we realize.

I will appreciate if I can have your support.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: New York Film Academy 100 E17th St NY NY 10003
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