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hell at heathridge casting

Where: kent, ohio
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Type: Student Films

Hell at Heathridge Casting Group
Kent State University
225 Terrace Drive
Kent, Ohio 44242
February 21, 2013
We are pleased to offer you a chance to audition at our casting for our upcoming feature film Hell at Heathridge.
Oscar Ritchie Hall
African Community Theatre Room 230
225 Terrace Drive
Kent, Ohio 44242
We are providing sides, but we ask that you prepare a 1-2 minute monologue if possible.
In addition you must provide a headshot and two copies of your resume; a video reel of previous work if possible, and measurements/sizes (shoes, shirt, pants).
Brande Midgett-Crosby
Brande Midgett-Crosby
Hell at Heathridge Casting Group

Production title: Hell At Heathridge
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent / student
Project length: Feature film
Project format: 16:9 HD
Posted on: February 19, 2013
Production location: Kent, OH
Production Company: Kent State University Independent Films
Company website: http://kentstatefilms.wordpress.com/
Director: Caroline Abbey, Tyler Pina
Producer: Traci Williams, David Smeltzer, Estee Hodge,
Casting Director: Brande Midgett-Crosby
Audition Location: 201 Franklin Hall, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 44242 and Oscar Ritchie Lecture Hall Theater
Shooting Location: Kent, OH
Email: Hellatheathridgecasting@gmail.com
Compensation: Copy, Credits, Meal
February 26th, February 28th 2:00pm-5:00pm (Oscar Ritchie Hall Theater)
March 9th, March 10th9:00am-7:00pm (Oscar Ritchie Hall Theater)
March 12th, March 14th 2:00pm-5:00pm (Oscar Ritchie Hall Theater)

Call Backs:
March 12th, March 14th 2:00pm-5:00pm (Oscar Ritchie Hall Theater)
Shooting Starts:
June 2013

Shooting Ends:
August 2013

“Hell at Heathridge” is a film about a young female college student who along with her classmates is reenacting a series of grizzly murders that happened on campus 20 years prior. With the help of Samuel Yates these students are awakening an evil spirit from the past that wants to punish the group seeking to understand the spirit and relive what happen on that fatal night on campus when Emily Washburn killed five students. Suspicions begin to arise when Emily’s spirit begins to torment Maggie. Will Emily overtake the group or will they realize that some things should not have been awakened.
Character BIOS
Christina is slim, sexy college student; she likes to enjoy herself and go out at night. She is the only survivor of the attacks on campus caused by the spirit that lives in Emily. Christina is distraught when she realizes what has happened around and is unable to help Emily from the evil spirit that has overtake her and killed her friends.

Christina is skittish, slim, tangled-hair, sloppily dressed, and haggard woman who realizes that there are spiritual forces in the world that we should not mess with. She carries the guilt of not being able to help Emily in the past, so she is trying to warn the students and Mr. Yates to not continue to reenact what happened that night on campus.
Maggie is a young college student who is not confident, is introverted, soft-spoken, and stays to her self a lot. Death does not scare Maggie she embraces it. Maggie is given the role of playing Emily in the reenactment. She finds that this role is going to cause her more harm as the day of the show approaches.
Emily is a college student, who has similar hair and body type of Maggie; she is possessed by a spirit and is filled with pure evil.

Jason is a college student, tall, athletic, confident, alpha-male persona. Jason speaks without thinking of others feelings, but he does care about Anna. He is in a relationship with Anna as well.

Anna is young college student who is a sweet heart, she is beautiful and ambitious. She is concerned about Maggie as the story progresses.

Geoff is a graduate student, plain exuberant; the classmates in the reenactment do not like him.

Mr. yates is an attractive older man who dresses immaculately. He is extremely mysterious and secretive which causes high suspicions. No one is able to understand his reasoning besides money as to why he is funding the reenactment show. He wants to the show to go on regardless how dangerous it is becoming.

[DALE] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 18-22]
Dale is a college student, he is known as the funny guy everyone likes him. He has a crush on Maggie, but she is not concerned due to the weird occurrences that are happening around her. As the story progress it will come into question if their love will blossom.

Professor Daniels is a college acting professor, soft features, and casual dresser.
College Student, No specific features

No specific features, wears and all white blouse
No specific features, dark colored suit
No specific features

Payment: Paid

Ohio Film Casting

City or Location of call: kent, ohio
Please submit to: hellatheathridgecasting@gmail.com

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