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Aspiring International Group

Where: Nationwide,Worldwide

Type: Singers

Hello my name is Angie and I’m 18. I love foreign languages and singing, so I was wondering, why not make a group singing in different languages? I love music like: Pop, R&B, hip-hop, and of course I am huge Kpop fan. So I was thinking I can create an online singing group in hopes of getting noticed . I have done this before and proud to say that we did get noticed by two Japanese talent agencies. We could sing covers, but I’m really interested in singing original songs.

1) Purpose: To get noticed by a record label or talent agency.

2) Requirements:
Age: 12 and older
Gender: Both male and female
Language: Any but you have to know English, if its a little, then that’s okay.
Race: Any
Also please have a YouTube account and as well as a camera because I was thinking we can do live broadcasts too. And of course we have to upload our videos.

3) Other: If you are a songwriter, that’s great! Please tell me if you are. I am currently trying songwriting as well. Also if you want to be an actress or model or MC, etc in addition to being a singer, that is fine! I want to be a model too, so when we do get noticed make sure to add that as well.

4) Comments: Please feel free to add any comments and ask me any questions

Feel free to audition for this group!!
Have a nice day!

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide,Worldwide
Please submit to:

3 thoughts on “Online Singer Auditions for Group

  1. Marshelle Kemp

    I was wondering if you are accepting rappers too because I’m a girl rapper. I can sing a little bit but I mostly rap.

    1. Angelica

      Yes you can audition if you are a rapper. All are welcome!

  2. Rodrigo

    Hey, I sent you an email. Please contact me!


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