SAG web series casting in New Mexico


New Mexico Auditions for SAG web series. The series will be filming in Albuquerque New Mexico in October and November. The series is seeking to cast many parts that you can see the breakdowns for below.

Please only Submit if you live in the Albuquerque area because this is a no pay / lo pay gig.

A psychic teen tries to maintain a normal life, while waging a secret war with a sadistic serial killer, in order to save lives by influencing future events.

Production Title: Hunter’s Game
Project: SAG Web series pilot
Production Location: Albuquerque, NM
Director: Mary Haarmeyer
Casting will take place October 7th, 8th and 9th. Appointment only
Timeline: A web series Pilot to be filmed on or around October 21st – November 8th.
Please email headshots and resume to:
If you have submitted to Chris Ranney already please do not submit again.
Please, bring two headshots and resumes – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Hunter Williams: (Caucasian Male) Lead role – A haunted teen, age 17-19, athletic build, black/brown hair, tall (No tattoos/piercings). Hunter is a leader to his peers and a joy to his family. Haunted by visions of a past he was too young to prevent, Hunter hides a dark secret. Hunter’s life is a meticulous balancing act of deception, loss, hope, fear, failure, secrets and quiet redemption.

KEIRA DALEY: (Female) A dark, secretive, teen, age 16-18, who has come to live with Alayna Sage after being removed from her violent home. After seeing Hunter, Keira recognizes him for the gifted psychic he is and is determined to ingrain herself into his life with an agenda all her own.

MADISON ROGERS: (Caucasian Female) A beautiful, smart, strong Christian, 16-19, Madison is the light to Keira & Alayna’s dark in Hunter’s world. Madison is Hunter’s balance, his foothold with the acceptable side of life. Though sweet, she is not perfect.

SIERRA LAWRENCE: (Female) Best friend to Madison, 16-19, and girlfriend to Noah, Sierra is a teen born in the wrong era. Free-spirited and gypsy-like, Sierra is the one who is always throwing a wrench in the works for those around her. Outspoken and daring, Sierra’s live-out-loud presence sometimes draws unwanted attention from the wrong people.

NOAH PARKER: (Male) A comedic dreamer and hopeless optimist, 17-19, Noah is Hunter’s best friend. For all of Hunter’s seriousness, Noah’s happy-go-lucky attitude helps lighten Hunter’s dark and heavy emotions. Deep down however, Noah is harboring his own demons.

TRACEY WILLIAMS: (Caucasian Female) The “got-it-all-together” wife of Ethan Williams, age 32. Tracey is the glue that holds Ethan’s family together. Unaware of the troubled past that Ethan, Brayden and Hunter share, Tracey tries to bridge the ever-widening gap between the three men.
ZACHARY WILLIAMS: (Caucasian Male) Hunter’s new rambunctious stepbrother, 9-11, who is a big part of Hunter and Ethan’s lives.

LUKE KINARD: (Male) – Fun-loving detective, 28, always finds the bright side to life, no matter how dark the world around him becomes. Brayden’s new partner from Houston, TX.
Isaac Reynolds: (Male) A methodical, child-serial killer, strong, athletic type, 25, who begins a battle of wits with Hunter.

GABRIEL FLORES: (Hispanic Male) Aggressive but likeable, young detective, age 29, working his way up the ranks.

AMY CORRALES: (Female) A happy-go-lucky child, 6-9, that is kidnapped from her home, but later saved by Hunter.

CYNTHIA CORRALES: (Female) Loving Mother to Amy, 30-35.

REX MARTINEZ: (Hispanic Male) Quiet, cautious, best friend to Zachary Williams, 9-11.

PAGE WILLIAMS: Gentle spirited, first wife of Ethan Williams, 28, dark hair, slender build.

ZOEY WILLIAMS: Outgoing, talkative, older sister to Hunter, age 7-9. Blonde hair if possible.

FEEBEE WILLIAMS: Opinionated, eccentric, classy, but over all, loving and caring mother to Ethan Williams and grandmother to Hunter, 65 or older.

YOUNG BOY, age 7, to play murder victim of Isaac.
We will also need extras for police, detectives, mechanics, coffee house customers, and volunteer workers at warehouse.

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