San Diego – Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons”


Where: San Diego, CA
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San Diego Theater

Community Actor’s Theatre, 2957 54th St. 92105 on Sat. Feb. 2, 2013 2PM– 5:00PM and Tues., Feb.5, 2013 FROM 6:00-8:00PM . BRING A CALENDAR, RECENT PHOTO (Head Shot) & RESUME. AUDITION will consist of cold reading from script. Running April 12-May 5, 2013: Arthur Miller’s Drama, “All My Sons” : A businessman’s past crime leads to a chain of denial and events, threatening his family to the very core! A story of greed, social responsibility, and the American dream gone wrong. Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.
Directed by Mark Henry & George Bailey

Character Breakdown (s) :

Joe Keller (Father) – Exonerated after being charged with
shipping damaged aircraft engine cylinder heads (for P-40s) out of his factory
during WWII.

Kate Keller (Mother) – Lives in denial while mourning for her younger son Larry,
who has been MIA for three years. Believes he’s coming back

Chris Keller – (Son) returned home from World War II two years.
Disturbed by the realization that the world was
continuing as if nothing had happened. Faced with Kate’s unreasonable
conviction that Larry will someday return. In love with his dead brother’s fiancee.

Ann Deever – Shunned her ‘guilty’ father since his imprisonment. She had a relationship
with Larry Keller before his disappearance,
and has since moved on because she knows the truth of his fate. She hopes that the Kellers will consent to her marriage with Larry’s brother, Chris.

George Deever –Ann’s older brother: a successful
New York lawyer and WWII veteran, and a childhood friend
of Chris. He returns to save his sister from her marriage to
Chris, creating a devastating catalyst.

Jim Bayliss – A successful doctor, frustrated with the stifling
domesticity of his life. A close friend to the Keller family,
he spends a lot of time in their backyard.

Sue Bayliss – Jim’s wife. Needling and dangerous but
affectionate, she too is a friend of the Keller family, but is secretly
resentful of what she sees as Chris’s bad idealistic influence on Jim.

Frank Lubey – Always one year ahead of the draft,
so he never served in World War II, instead staying home to
marry George’s former sweetheart, Lydia. He draws up Larry’s horoscope
and tells Kate that Larry must still be alive.

Lydia Lubey – Frank’s wife, the Keller’s neighbor and
George’s love interest before the war; after he went away, Lydia
married Frank and they had three children.

Bert – A little boy who lives in the neighborhood;
he is friends with the Bayliss’ son Tommy and frequently
visits the Kellers’ yard to play “jail” with Joe.

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City or Location of call: San Diego, CA
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