San Diego Singers – Vocalists Needed For Two Unique YouTube Projects


Vocalists Needed For Two Unique YouTube Projects!!! These projects have the potential to go far!

Where: San Diego, CA
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Type: Other Projects

Clancy Studios Summer Auditions

Watch our first ever production, “The Compass and the Stranger: To Pay It Forward” to see what kind of creative stories we want to tell. Here’s the link:

About Clancy Studios: Clancy Studios was founded in 2010 by Sean Clancy and Jeremy Green. The way the company operates, the stories it tells, and the productions it releases are very much inspired by Walt Disney and the Walt Disney Company. Before the founding of the company the two heads of the studio went to work for the Walt Disney Company as interns and in the process learned an incredible amount. What they learned has helped the studio get to it’s first ever release, “The Compass and the Stranger” in May of 2013. The mission is simple, to put happiness into the world. Wholesome family entertainment that will be enjoyed for generations.
Upcoming Auditions

Production # 1
(Title Unreleased)
A story of student and teacher involving two college students and their musical dreams. The teacher, a young man named Roy at a seemingly dead end in his young life. The student is a young woman named Grace who is at a crossroads pursuing a degree she was forced into, yet she wants nothing more than to be a singer. A chance encounter leads to Grace taking singing lessons from Roy, who himself is a singer but sadly has all but given up. Together they start on the path to a dream they both never thought possible. Of course romance will make it’s appearances throughout the story as well. This format was developed to help those in the cast get their music out to the public. As such whoever is cast will have some input on the songs sung in the series.

We’re currently looking for our female lead for this production, requirements are below:

Age 18-24

Strong acting and singing ability

The ability to sing the following genres: Pop, Rock, Broadway, and classical.

Production # 2
(As of yet unnamed singing group)
A ten person singing group. Based on the idea of group numbers like you’d see on American Idol. Planned to be releasing several video performances over the summer. We expect that with school starting in the fall we might have some casting changes, so no commitment past early August is expected. In the fall, if it doesn’t happen earlier, we’re going to focus on getting the group some live performance opportunities. We’re looking for a choreographer as well.

We’re looking for seven more singers at this time. Four women, and three men so the group will consist of five of each.

Any age.

Strong singing and dancing abilities! These are critical!

The ability to sing a wide variety of genres and to be able to incorporate technical runs and riffs into a song.

Important Audition Information

For the first audition, you’ll need to prepare a song of your choice to perform for the creative team. If you are auditioning for the female lead of the first project, the song needs to be Pop, Broadway, or Classic Rock.

At the audition you’ll need to indicate which projects you are auditioning for. If you’re auditioning for both, you still only need to audition once.

The first auditions are scheduled for Thursday, May 16th from 4 pm until 8:30 pm . You can come anytime from 4 pm until 8:30 pm, however if you know when you’ll come, we recommend calling 760-484-8372 to advise the creative team of the time you expect to arrive. This will help us expedite the audition process. Please note that there might be a bit of a wait. We will see everyone who shows up at the designated audition period.

Auditions will be held at 313 Hidden Trails Road, Escondido, CA. (First house on the right.)

No pianist will be available so we need all singers to bring their own backing tracks, (on CD or MP3 player) we won’t be accepting acapella auditions as we need to see an ability to follow the melody precisely.

Please bring a current photo and a resume if possible.

Those who make it to the callbacks will be notified immediately. A callback does not guarantee that you have been cast.

The date and time of callbacks will be given to those who pass the first audition.

If you plan on auditioning please contact us at 760-484-8372. Auditions are on a first come, first serve basis.

Visit our YouTube channel at

I believe in addressing the “Elephant In The Room” and here it is. Clancy Studios may be small and our equipment is not the best, but with hard work, dedication and passion we will go far!

As Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Thank you for reading and we hope to see everyone at the auditions!

-Sean Clancy

Salary/Wage: Non-pay as of now. We’ll get there in a day that will be sooner rather than later.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: San Diego, CA

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