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Where: San Diego, CA
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Type: Theater

Monday – April 15, 2013
Held at
Queen Bee’s Cultural & Art Center
3925 Ohio Street San Diego, CA 92104
6-9 PM

Open Audition Details
2 minute monologue
Bring resume and headshot/picture (if available)
Bring your calendar through June 23; all conflicts will need to be
listed on the audition form. Rehearsals will begin late April.
Non-Equity/Theatre Production

Now Casting For Characters

Males 9. Note: Men may be shirtless.
Females 8. Note: Costumes will reflect climate.
Children 3 (2 Ms 1 F)

Tfnu – (F) – Goddess of Moisture.
Shu – (M) – God of the Air and Sky.
Geb – (M) – God of the Earth and creator of Set and Wsr
Wsr – (M) – Brother to Set, God Over Dominion. Quiet, humble, capable, associated with fertility and kingship.
Set – (M) – Brother to Wsr, God Over Dominion. Arrogant, conniving, jealous, associated with chaos.
(The two powers together represent the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. Represented by the wearing of two different crowns).
King Of Pan – (M) – King of a Golden Age. Believes he is connected to the Gods.
Queen Of Pan – (F) – Queen of a Golden Age. Royal, yet caring. Believes that she is connected to the Gods.
Aishat – (F) – Sister/wife of Wsr. Beautiful Goddess, humble, yet strong. Known to be a Healer.
Nephthys – (F) – Goddess and mate to Set.
Royal Craftsmen – ( M 4) Royal servants
Maidens ( F 4) – Royal servants Lead by Anuket
Royal Children – (2) – Akanatun and Nefitiri
Heru – young boy

For more information: Please contact
We look forward to seeing you!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: San Diego, CA

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