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Production title: #mysterygirl
Union / Non-Union: Non
Production Type: Independent / internet
Project length: Short Film/photoshoot
Project format: Digital
Posted on: Thursday, Jan 10 2013
Production location: SF Bay Area
Production Company: Social Media Theatrics Group
Company website:
Director: Kevin E. Harris
Producer: Kevin E. Harris and Joey L. Harris
Casting Director: Kevin E. Harris
Audition Location: TBD
Shooting Location: SF Bay Area

Compensation: Credit, copy, meals. Also can be arranged to trade services. In exchange for acting services we have professional photographer (photo headshots are anything else), hair Stylist, Tattoo artist, Film Editor (for acting reels), all working on this project and willing to do whatever it takes to get this project done.
Audition deadline midnight January 26th 2013
Step 1.
Send digital headshot (resume not needed) to or
Really would like to find someone with an active facebook account. If you have one please send link.
Step 2.
After initial screening those with the right look we are looking for will be sent additional detailed info about this project for reviewing
Step 3.
The AUDITION……You will be sent s script to perform, you must record yourself (in vlog style) reading the script. Any camera, phone, web cam etc… will do. And send to us via facebook, youtube or email
Step. 3
Negotiate compensation (see above under compensation)
Call Backs: n/a
Shooting Starts: TBD
Shooting Ends: TBD

#mysterygirl is a Social Media Theatrical play, Played out in real time via social media with facebook being its main platform. This project will use several different medium forms to portray it’s story from, Film, music, digital arts, sketch art, creative writing and Social Media.

“You’ve Got Mail” meets “Single White Female”, Xavier (Main Male) sees the women (lead female) of his dreams at a party. Missing his opportunity to meet her he sets out to find her and he lets nothing stand in his way from finding her and telling her how she has changed his life.

Character BIOS
Missy: FEMALE LEAD Age 19-25
Party Chic, loves herself and loves taking pictures, of herself, her world and her friends in her world and sharing them and her thoughts and everything else on facebook. Missy is a Social Media expert and has no problem admitting it.
A young early twenties Caterina Scorsone, Jennifer Lawrence, Emilia Clarke, Angelina Jolie, Mila kunis, Vannessa Marcil, etc…
Missy has had bad luck in her love life and getting hurt by the same ol guy is becoming the norm. So giving a guy like Xavier, who is not typically whom she would be attracted to a chance may not be a bad idea.

Also Should know
Lots of photos will be taken for this project
This project will only take about three or four days total including photoshoots
This is not a film
Attended audience, social media goers…
I’d love for this person to be creative and have creative input into her character.

Job type: Non Paid
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Casting Location: San Francisco
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