Student Film “The Loot” – Baltimore


location: Baltimore

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Hampton is a young street dealer who father has just been laid off. The family owes a debt so Hampton does what he feel needs to be done. His friend and fellow dealer OX is along to help him and watch his back in the dangerous streets of Baltimore.

Short Film in Pre-Production stage, shooting likely to begin in Summer 2013 but subject to change.
More details to come.

Principle characters

Hampton “Ham” Miller- Level headed intelligent black male teen, 17-19 years of age, clean look, no braids. About 5’8 to 6’0 medium to slim build.

“Ox”- loose cannon type black male teen 17-20 years of age, street type, 5’8-6’0 medium to slim build.

Supporting Cast

Derrick Carter- level headed, black male, smart but street oriented, 18-21 years of age. Any build.

Ms. Gina Carter-Derricks Mother-Attractive black female 38-43 years of age, strong but motherly, don’t take no mess.

Doreen Miller-Hamptons mother Black female 40- 45 years of age, wifely, homemaker type, stern.

Gerald Miller-Hamptons Father black male 40-48 years of age, wise, career worker,
Strong, stern, head of the house, proud man.

Jamal Carter-Derricks little brother black male 9-12 years of age, knuckle head type, street kid, Smart ass.

Ronald”Ronnie” Garlin- black male, 38-45 years of age, big dealer in the hood, strong silent, arrogant, leader.

“Phaze” Garlin- Ronnie’s nephew. Already cast.

2nd Support

Tuck-henchmen black male, big guy, body guard, strong type. Under 30
Pete-Driver/Henchmen, loyal street guy, live wire type. Under 30
Bartender- serves drinks and tends bar. Open age

Cop 1-white male/female in shape honest look, strong and stern. 27-37 years. Of age.
Cop 2-black male in shape, stern 34-40 years of age. Q
Corner boy 1- street kid look, 17-20 years of age
Corner boy 2-street kid look, 15-20 years of age
Corner boy3-street kid look, 15-20 years of age
People in the bar.

Please send photos and head shots to

Serious inquires only please.

Shooting Location: Baltimore MD

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