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Looking for 2 girls willing to join group
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location: North Carolina or Virginia

Category: Singers

Hello, I’m Aja’ and I really wanna start a girl singing group. You have to know how to sing and dance (if you don’t it won’t be a problem) , you have to be 16-18 to be in this group. I’m 17, so if you wanna be in, just e-mail me at and send in a clip of your talent..thanks..

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: North Carolina or Virginia
Contact email:

5 thoughts on “Girls for Group – North Carolina / Virginia

  1. Katy

    Hey, I would love to join the Group!.. Do I really have to be in North Carolina or Virginia?
    I’m Not from There!
    Either way I qualify for what you are looking for.
    Soooo!.. Lets talk and decide on that.

  2. Aja'

    You don’t have to I’m just looking for 2 girls but, you have to be able to get to N.C. or Virginia..

  3. America Zenteno

    Hi,my name is America and I am an alto singer. I sing
    better than I dance. I would love to join your group.
    I am located in Wilmington,NC. The only problem is I am
    15. Please reply to talk out things. I am 15 but I’m pretty
    tall so.

  4. Aja'

    Hi America, e-mail me at and we’ll talk about everything.

  5. Aaliyah

    Hi I live in Virginia and would be willing to join. I am an alto singer and I sing better than I dance but I catch on quick. I have a question about what genre this is.


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