Theater Elgin IL


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Where: Elgin, IL
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Type: Theater

Male & female children, ages 7-12 who can sing. Movement/dance is a plus. The young princess, William and Harry will be casted from this pool.
Teenagers & young adults, ages 14 & up whom can sing. This group will be cast as adults. Movement/dance is a plus or willing to learn.

Adults of all ages including:
Princess Diana: Female, 5’8”-5’9” (No heels). 120-130 lbs. Musical Range: Low G below middle C to E above the High Octave plus 1/3. Candidate must be able to play an age range from 17-35
Prince Charles: Stage age about 30. 6’ tall. Musical Range: Tenor

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Elgin, IL

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