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location: Toronto, Canada

Category: Film

Movie Title: Fragile Minds
Production Company: Dangerous Films
Director: Cody Campanale
Producers: Andrew Smith, Cody Campanale
Shooting Location: Ottawa, ON
Duration: 4 weeks,
starts TDB (May-June 2013)
Union Affiliation: Non-Union
Rate: $100/day

Project Synopsis: ‘Fragile Minds’ is the tragic and sometimes darkly comedic story of Jack, Tony, and Waldo. Three close friends who substitute their emotional insecurities with alcohol, drugs, and sex. Determined to ‘beat their heart at it’s own game’, the men attempt to remove themselves from any emotional attachment to their various lovers. It is only when a young girl named Jasmine forms an unexpected relationship with Jack that the three friends’ ambitions begin to splinter.


JACK “JACKIE BOY” CAPAGRECO: Male, 22-27. He’s a handsome man with dark features, a charismatic bad boy. He’s the arrogant and brash leader of a group of troublesome young guys who engage frequently in drugs and sex with women. He struggles with his dark past. CAUCASIAN, EUROPEAN. [Requires Nudity]

WALLACE “WALDO” CHALLENGER: Male, 22-27. He’s skinny and frail. Waldo is mean, manipulative, and sinister. He is deeply jealous of Jackie Boy and Jasmine’s relationship because he has romantic feelings for Jackie Boy. He is not a leader, but secretly desires to be. CAUCASIAN. [Requires Nudity]

ANTHONY “TONY” MARI: Male, 22-27. He’s overweight. Tony is attractive, but his weight, and the way he carries himself make him seem less so. He feels as if live never gave him a fair shot. He’s a failure in his career and his relationship with Liz is falling apart. He has a lot of deep-seeded anger. CAUCASIAN, EUROPEAN.

JASMINE DUNN: Female, 18-22. She’s artsy, intelligent and beautiful. Jasmine is full of mystery. She can seem innocent in one moment and mischievous in the next, nobody is able to fully figure her out. She conspires to hurt Jackie Boy for the wrong he did to her friend, but chooses not to go through with it when she develops feelings for him. CAUCASIAN. [Requires Nudity]

LIZ FARRIS: Female, 22-27. She’s attractive, but not overly so. Liz is quiet, hard working and a nurturer. She’s not happy in her relationship with Tony, but doesn’t have the confidence to leave him. CAUCASIAN.

SASHA: Female, 18-22. She looks like a model, a sexually attractive high school student. Sasha is one of the popular kids, the girl every guy lusts for. She’s self-absorbed, immature, and full of teen rage. CAUCASIAN. [Requires Nudity]


Auditions will be held on January 12th and 13th in Toronto, ON.

Please submit your headshot and resume to

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Toronto, Canada
Contact email:

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