TV project casting New York elite


Are you a New York resident that is a part of the A-list crowd? Do you run with the A crowd?

Project New York Casting Call

A reality production company is now casting wealthy, beautiful and connected people in New York City and their group of friends! They are only looking for  fabulous New York residents that are 21 and over.

Here is the Project NY Casting Notice:

Doron Ofir Casting is searching for New York’s elite society, True A-List group of friends from the most privileged and gilded for an unprecedented television project, An elevated, beyond the velvet rope, coveted lifestyle series to redefine trendsetting taste in a reality Sex & the City.

We are shopping New York’s chic surrounding neighborhoods for the most wealthy, beautiful, confident, elite heartthrobs, and envied friends to become the next American super-obsession and put your social circle on a new platform. To be considered for a starring role in “Project NY” you need to show us that you are that instantly adored, superhot, proto-superstar with lots of drama going on in your life; with the style, the strength of personality, and the sense of humor to be unapologetically yourself. This is the opportunity to prove you’ve got the attitude and the commitment to pull off the ultimate vanity lifestyle ensemble performance production.


It’s always all about you, but we want your inner circle too – your friends, your family and even your frenemies.

You can apply for this reality show by going to this page.


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