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Edgar Alexander’s TV Sitcom Additional Cast & Crew

Where: Los Angeles,California
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Edgar Alexander,(Executive Producer,Actor,Lead&Writer) is seeking for,unsigned and undiscovered actors to be apart of the New TV Sitcom. The plot-An African-American Family includes a loving Father and Wife,raises their children in a local community. Starring Edgar Alexander and Kimberly J. Roulin. Breakdown: Strip Club Girls-Female. Any race. Loves to make trouble against their competitors.Ages:20-40. Football Hero:African-American Male- Cocky,arrogant,must have swagger.Ages:18-22. Treasure:African-American Female. Must be very social. On the comedic side. Ages:20-35. Show Director:(Crew) Must work with the executive producer. Loves to have fun. All races.Ages 20-40. You must meet these eligibility requirements to audition: Current picture,(required) resume,(if necessary) phone number,(required) and e-mail address.(required) Salary Paid-(Actors)$350.00-$500.00. Show Director-(Crew) $350.00. Including credit,copy,meals,and breaks. Including DVD and television revenue.Please e-mail your submissions Deadline for submissions:6/7/13. Audition date:7/20/13. Filming starts:7/3/13-10/12/13. Non-Union only. Entertainment unions not eligible to audition for this event.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles,California
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