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By | April 1, 2013

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Actors needed for a new adaptation of The Young Visiters

Rough Haired Pointer require actors for their new adaptation of The Young Visiters by Daisy Ashford, (to run at the Hen and Chickens Theatre, 109 St Paul’s Rd, London N1 2NA from the 4-15 June 2013).

The Young Visiters is a story of ambition, love and a lot of ‘ruge’. It is the story of Mr Salteena, who confesses to being not quite a gentleman. In the throes of unrequited love for Ethel Monticue, he resolves he must become ‘the real thing’ to win her heart, only to be thwarted by a number of ‘speaking looks’ between his young beloved and the noble lord Bernard Clark, who is in possession of ‘very nice long legs fairish hair and blue eyes’. Bernard conveniently sends Mr Salteena to London to be ‘rubbed up’ by his old friend the Earl Of Clincham and Procurio, Groom of the Chambers at the Crystal Palace. The characters reconvene at Buckingham Palace. Like all good stories, it ends in a wedding. The novel was written by Daisy Ashford at the age of nine, and was discovered and published by J.M. Barrie in 1919. Full of innocent double entendres and sexual and social comedy, it has been a cult for over a century.

12th – 13th April
10 am to 6 pm
The Rag Factory, 16-18 Heneage St, London E1 5LJ

Rehearsals starting in earnest in May.

We are currently working on a profit-share payment scheme but this may change if we get more funding, in which case we would hope to be able to pay the cast.


Casting will not be dependant on the ages of the actors but we have supplied them for ease.

Narrator – Female. Any age. Character entails someone who is good at reading aloud large chunks of text.

Ethel – 17 year old girl staying with Mr Salteena, the female romantic heroine of the story, although a flawed one. She desires above all to mix with the nobility, and ideally marry into them. She is capricious, ruthless and snobbish, not quite the right class but attractive enough to get away with it. She is keen on the male sex and luxury.

Mr Salteena – 42 year old hero of the tale. He is a loveable if foolish character, desperately in love with Ethel and repeatedly rebuffed. To win her he desires to become upper-class. This is the main plot of the play. He describes himself as ‘I am fond of digging in the garden and I am parshial to ladies if they are nice I suppose it is my nature. I am not quite a gentleman but you would hardly notice it but cant be helped anyhow.’

Bernard Clark – The romantic hero of the piece, a member of the aristocracy. Bernard ‘has a big house and is inclined to be rich’ but has fallen into melancholy. He too falls irrevocably in love with Ethel and eventually wins her. Described as ‘A tall man of 29… He was rarther bent in the middle with very nice long legs fairish hair and blue eyes…He was a lonely man in a remote spot and he liked peaple and partys but he did not know many.’

The Earl Of Clincham – a good-natured and kindly earl residing in the Crystal Palace who agrees to help Mr Salteena become more upper class. He is ‘a tall man of 35 with very nice eyes of a twinkly nature and curly.’‘A small portion of the Blood royal flows in his veins’ but he does not allow it to hinder his kindness to others.

Edward Procurio – Groom of the Chambers at the Crystal Palace, ‘a very superior gentleman’ normally in ‘full evening dress’. He is elegant and mysterious, but bends to help Mr Salteena learn the rules of the aristocracy.

The Prince of Wales – The Prince of Wales forgives Mr Salteena for assuming a false title and instead offers to knight him. He is ‘quite homely and not at all grand’ and is very fond of ice cream, and is rarely ‘much in the mood for deep talk’. As he tells Mr Salteena ‘One grows weary of Court Life…all I want is peace and quiut and a little fun and here I am tied down to this life, being royal has many painfull drawbacks.’

Other parts

Lady Gay Finchling – a society lady, witty and knowing
Minnit – a good natured and efficient butler
Rosalind – a dutiful and loving housemaid with a soft spot for Mr Salteena

If you are interested in auditioning please send your CV, headshot and availability during over the 12th and 13th April to Mary Franklin by April 11th

Payment: Other

London Theatre

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