Auditions for Drama/Thriller “Trophies” – Atlanta



Location: Atlanta GA

Type: Film

The game you’ve been waiting for isn’t on TV…

Auditions for the long awaited Drama/Thriller “Trophies” is coming to Atlanta!

A little competition never hurt, until now!

An attractive Black female’s desire for the finer things in life leads her into a deadly competition against a Caucasian female with the same goals in mind.

“Which team will you root for?” “This game has no rules!”

Currently seeking all roles:

Joan – age 24 – 30, All Ethnicities, short to medium height, small or athletic build, seductive, manipulative. Must have a strong presence.

Tyler – age 27 – 35, fit, very attractive white male, tall to average height, well defined jaw line, polite, overbearing, and malicious.

Petra – age 24 – 30, African American, attractive, seductive, curvaceous, determined.
This is a strong role. Petra is the voice of the new Black woman.

Stacy – age 25 – 30, all ethnicities, seducer, attractive, looks good in anything.

Also seeking female dancers all types and ethnicities, no dancing experience needed. Must be in great shape.

For information on audition time and location contact our casting director at

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Atlanta GA
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"trophies" series Atlanta

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