Auditions for Feature Film “Irrefutable Proof” Auditions coming to New York, Boston and Syracuse


“Irrefutable Proof” – Feature film is holding auditions for lead and supporting roles.

They are also accepting crew resumes for the production which begins filming in early 2015 with rehearsals starting this coming December.

Location: New York and Boston

Type: Film

CASTING CALL FOR ACTORS AND CREW POSITIONS – non-union film production to be shot in Syracuse in early 2015. The film type is a Psychological Thriller and all positions are paid.

Pre-production and Rehearsals begin December 12, 2014, filming begins January 2, 2015.

Crew and Cast Interviews and Auditions will be held in Syracuse, New York City, Boston. Selected applicants will be invited for a formal audition/interview time slot in one of the three locations. Each selected actor will be given an interview as well as an audition using sides from the script.

Please submit your Reels and Resumes online to:

Brief description of plot:

The How, Why, and When of “creation” has puzzled mankind for thousands of years. Renowned astrophysicist Professor Jeanine Markham is convinced that her research is drawing near to answering that eternal question. Expanding upon the theories of Einstein and Hawking, her discoveries are leading to a conclusion that all creation is solely based on principles of scientific fact, an proof so complex that it has avoided detection for centuries. Her research is heresy at the institution where she’s employed, St. Genesius University, where an impenetrable ultra-religious doctrine of All Creation Is Of God rules. Jeanine’s superiors, particularly Monsignor Bastini, President of St. Genesius, angrily challenge and condemn the blasphemies she’s unearthing at their faith filled institution. Jeanine’s fact-based world ignites into unfathomable biblical nightmare
as she gets closer and closer still to her Irrefutable Proof.

The feature film will be directed by award winning director Ziad H. Hamzeh. Original screenplay by Richard Castellane and cinematography by award winning Director of Photography Rob Draper.


Jeanine Markham: Female lead. 30-40. A college professor with an unstoppable desire to prove that all creation is based on science, nothing whatsoever to do with God. Highly intelligent, driven, and extremely confident, Jeanine doesn’t cower in the face of authority.

Laura Markham: 14-15. She’s inherited the responsibility of caring for her mother.

Noel Markham: 30-40, Jeanine’s husband, a reasonable man who lives and abides by the established rules. Their teenage daughter is most important in his life. He cares deeply for his family and tries to be their protector. His religious bent comes in direct conflict with the anti-religious position of his wife Jeanine.

Monsignor Bastini: 50-60, hard nosed, deeply religious with an arrogant streak that intimidates anyone in his presence. Inflexible, he wears his priestly robe like a king wears his crown.

Renaldo: 50-ish professor of religion specializing in the Inquisition. His light-hearted demeanor is a cover for his bargain with the Devil. He takes a special delight in expensive blood red wine and axes that can split a skull in one blow.

Sebastian: Late 20s. An impeccably dressed, exceedingly handsome and charming young man who can melt hearts with his devilish smile. His piercing blue eyes are dangerous and unsettling.

Old Jessica: 70-80. A retired professor of science who mysteriously disappeared from the world 40-years ago. An old crusty relic, she’s not lost her brilliant mind.

Young Jessica: 20-ish. Sexy and flirtatious, she adores Sebastian and would destroy anyone who challenges him.

Victoria: 20-ish. A smooth, curvatious girl who works as the executive assistant to Jeanine.

Chandler: 20-ish. A deeply religious graduate student who challenges Professor Markham’s belief that science is the basis of all creation.

Cathleen: 20-ish. A graduate student who refuses to live her life without the comfort of an all-present God.

Diane: 20-ish. A graduate student who sides with Jeanine’s belief that science is the basis of all creation.

Fireman: 50s. A dedicated first-responder whose face exhibits his life of hardship and hard work.

Look-alike Characters/Impersonators: Mark Twain. Albert Einstein. Charles Darwin. Aristotle.

Nobel Prize Presenter: 60s. A sophisticated gentleman representing the Noble Prize committee.

Madame Daubery: 60s. A sophisticated woman of science.

Non-speaking Parts: College Students. Priests. Elderly Nuns.

A trained large dog.


Line Producer with knowledge and connections to the upstate NY area.

UPM with a proven track-record to deliver.

Production Coordinator. Preference is given to local PC who is very familiar of the area.

1ST AD. A skilled multitasker who has the ability to run the set efficiently.

Production Designer who can create magic with very little.

Sound Engineer & Boom Operator with proven track record.

On-set Editor who works quickly to log and assemble footage.

Please submit your resume to:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: by 2014-11-30

This casting notice was posted by: Ziad Hamzeh, Producer Director

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