Blender Infomercial Holding Open Auditions for Host in Miami


Miami area casting agency, Miami Talent, is having an open call today!

The company is seeking bi-lingual actors who can host an infomercial for a well known blender. Hosts will need to read the script which is attached below for the auditions. The company is also seeking talent to use the blender and give some on-camera testimonials. This will be a Spanish language infomercial and all talent needs to speak perfect Spanish. Talent interested in the roles can attend the open call which will be held between the hours of 11 AM and 4 PM.

Here is the audition notice:

We have an open casting call tomorrow Saturday between 11am and 4pm for the blender infomercial, looking for hosts, and testimonials.
See link below for script for host. For testimonials, we will go with your own stories, so be creative when you speak about using the blender and how well it has worked for your diet shakes, smoothies, etc.

Also below is a video sample of what the project is, so look towards the end and the testimonials are there.
your Spanish needs to be perfect but regional country accents are not a problem at all.

Blender TV commercial holding open auditions in Miami for Latin talent

Wardrobe is casual, anything is fine, the acting factor is most important here.
if you get lost or anything, please call me at 305-494-3939

8600 NW 36th St #100,
Doral, FL 33166

Here is the attachment link for further information about the scheduled casting call and the scripts.

For a sample of previous infomercials, please check out the below video.


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