“The Box” – Do you need a workplace intervention?

By | April 7, 2014


New series about workplace drama is looking for people who are fed up with it and want to put an end to the workplace tension.

Are you looking to get back on the path to success, this new series may be able to help and producers would like to hear your story. See the submission details below!
TOO MUCH TENSION BETWEEN STAFF? – We feel your pain. Studies show that internal strife between staff, owners, management – or the combustible combination of all three! – can have a serious detrimental affect on a business’s bottom line.

Catfights, lies, secrets, drama, petty bickering, too much tension, covert conflict, overt outbursts, he said/she said and too much strife – put an end to it all!

In a new a workplace intervention series, your business could yield real results. A major cable network wants to tell your business’s story from a unique point of view – yours – in a cutting edge new project. Don’t #box up your feelings — we want owners and staff who are willing to fight for their business’s life. Submit an application via our website: metalflowersmedia.com or email us at: casting@metalflowersmedia.com and put “BOX” in the subject line.

Casting Flyer for The Box

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