Cinemax “Banshee” casting many background roles in NC

By | April 7, 2014

Cinemax original series “Banshee” is seeking lots of background extras in Charlotte for work later this week and next week.

The show’s casting directors are seeking a variety of types including some young people(18+) to play teens, dangerous / tough looking types, duck dynasty types, truckers and people to play Banshee towns people.

Banshee” is  created by Alan Ball who also created the “True Blood” series. The Cinemax series stars Antony Starr as Lucas Hood. Carrie Hopewell, his ex girlfriend is played by Ivana Milicevic. The show also includes Hoon Lee, Frankie Faison, Ulrich Thomsen, Rus Blackwell, Matt Servitto, and Demetrius Grosse. The show is now filming season 3 which will premiere later this year.

The show films in Charlotte. Please only submit is you are close to the Charlotte area or within a reasonable driving distance since travel expenses are not covered.

All extras that are cast in the series will be paid about minimum wage for the hours worked.

Casting call for Cinemax Banshee series

Casting directors at Tona B. Dahlquist are seeking the following:

Seeking 2 Teens (1 male & 1 female) 18 -20 yrs to play younger. Must be available to film on Thursday April 17th -which is NEXT week not this week. If available and interested in being considered, submit photo and information (Name,Age, Phone, Height/Weight, City/State you reside, Clothing Sizes, Color/Make/Model/Year car you drive) to us at with heading DINER TEEN. This couple will be selected by director from our photo submissions. Thanks

Seeking Banshee town folks WITH CARS to work various days next week. We will be needing folks with cars on Monday, Tuesday, Wed. & Thursday. As of now, each only needed 1 day. Those available with a suitable vehicle for filming (not white or bright cherry red) can submit to us at the Banshee Cars email address
Please make sure you include your photo and information along with your car information when submitting. Also include what day next week you would be available if needed. Your submission heading should be your vehicle information (Year/Color/Make/Model) and City /State you reside. EXAMPLE -09 BLK, Honda Accord, CLT/NC.
Reminder Banshee can use the occasional pick up truck and SUV unlike some of the other shows.

Seeking 2 Rabbit’s Men (Dangerous looking types) to film on Thursday April 10th. Please do not submit for this request if you would not be available this Thursday if selected. Please include your current photos and information ( Name, Age, Height/Weight, Phone,City/State you reside, clothing sizes) to us at with heading POSS RABBIT’S MEN.

Seeking Surly Trucker types to work Tuesday April 15th & Wed April 16th. Age seeking 20’s -40’s.
Must be available BOTH days.

Looking for a variety of looks -think truckers, Duck Dynasty types Aryan types as well as a younger (18 -early 20’s) guy with a Mullet. Please do not submit for this request if you would not be available BOTH dates if indeed selected.
Please include your current photos and information (Name, Age, Height/Weight, Age, Phone, City/State you reside, Clothing sizes) to us at with heading POSS TRUCKER.

Banshee” is the story of Lucas Hood, an ex convict who moves to a town called Banshee and takes on a new identity. Lucas becomes the sheriff in Banshee where he is put in the position of taking on a bunch of bad guys who also call Banshee home. He even goes up against some Amish gangsters, criminals and even an Indian tribe. He pretty much takes on anyone who stands in his way. While working as sheriff he also tries to further his own criminal agenda.


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