Casting Call for Teens to be werewolves on “The Originals” in Conyers

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The Originals begins filming the new season in Georgia.

The series is now casting teens to be werewolves on an upcoming episode of “The Originals“. Teens of all ethnicities are welcome to apply and the age range is 13 to 15.

The scenes will be filming in Conyers next week. If interested you must apply ASAP because the show needs to process work permits for teens that do not already have them. They are specifically looking for boys that have short hair or long, shaggy hair. For girls they would like hair that is on the longer side, chin length or longer.

They are requesting that only those that have an open schedule next week apply since there are no call times yet. This could be a day or night shoot. This may be a multi-day shoot so those chosen may need to work multiple days in the next few weeks. Please note that the teens cast will need to be accompanied by an adult on set in the Conyers, Georgia area.

The Originals” is a spin-off of the popular vampire series, “The Vampire Diaries“, which is also now in production in Atlanta. You can check out the “Vampire Diaries” page for info on casting calls for that show. The show focuses on one of the original vampire families from the “Vampire Diaries” and is set in New Orleans.

CW The Originalsteen extras casting in GA

For the “The Originals” (WB/CW TV Series)

Casting TEENS, ages 13 to 15, ALL ethnicities/races – This works next Monday & Wednesday.

Please read the entire call carefully as there is a lot of info.

Now casting for Werewolf extras – These teens should be athletic and/or have the stamina and endurance for some physical activity in the scenes.

NOTE 1: Boys can have shorter hair or longer, shaggier hair and Girls should have hair that is chin length or longer.

NOTE 2: At the moment, the scenes could be either DAY or NIGHT scenes so you MUST have an open schedule to submit kid(s) for this, because our schedule can, and often does, change. Once we establish the kids on Monday 8/4, they have to match the other day(s)!! Please do not submit your kid(s) if they cannot be available with a reasonable amount of notice for any of the weekdays within the next few weeks.

NOTE 3: All of the kids should be average size for their age – you may submit kids below or above the age range, as long as they LOOK between the ages of 13 to 15.

NOTE 4: The pay rate for these kids will be $80 for 8 hrs with O.T. after 8hr ( Kids can only work a 10 hr day max, ever).

NOTE 5: Photos need to be shown to the director/production quickly, so the selections need to be made ASAP. This is TIME SENSITIVE AND you MUST have easy access to a printer/scanner – the labor board normally requires a 5 day advance to process work permits required and we will be cutting it close!

Please submit to:
and put “WOLF RESCUE” in the subject

(please include at least two pictures – one that shows their face and hair well (NO hats or sunglasses or other people/kids please) as well as one that is from the knees or waist up). The BEST photo is one that has been taken recently, in GOOD light, that shows the child in casual clothing.

A more serious, non smiling photo as an option is ideal, if possible.


Email address
CITY and STATE where you live
AGE of Child
Height (in Feet and Inches please, not just inches!!)
Child’s Clothing size(s)
Boys and Girls pants and shirt sizes and also include SHOE!!

*List any acting or experience on set and/or attach a resume IF they have one (a resume is NOT required, but it is good to know if they have one)

*List athletic and/or physical activities that they participate in

NOTE: IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHILD IN THIS AGE RANGE, send them TOGETHER with all of their info and photos in ONE email, HOWEVER we cannot guarantee that siblings will both be chosen.

YOU MUST BE WILLING to work in CONYERS as a local and only ONE parent or chaperone is allowed on set per child.

No other children (siblings or friends that are not hired) are allowed to attend.

The city Klaus once ruled has fallen under new leadership, and now he wants it back. Check out the preview below. The new season will premiere on the CW this coming fall.

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  1. bashar

    I also have acting experience and I have been acting for 6 years.

  2. Hayley Van De Carr

    Hi I am 13, I would love to come for the casting call. I live in Illinois. I love to act. I would like to know soon so I can get things together. I would love to know if i could try. I do have lots and lots of experience with acting. I have been in 4 plays and I took acting classes for 1 year. So I would like to know very soon about the casting call.

  3. Tara Caylor

    My daughter Makaila Caylor, who was one of the original cast members on Kim of Queens (but no longer is), wants to come for the casting call. She is 16 yrs old though. Would she be allowed to try or would it be a waste of our time? Please let me know ASAP so that I can get things prepared if we can.

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