New Docu-series for International Network coming to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to cast fun groups of girl friends and Cougars.

Villano, one of the largest television production companies in Santiago, Chile, is currently producing a new project entitled “La Cultura del Sexo,” a 10-episode documentary series following Rodrigo Jarpa, TV personality and sex expert, who will be traveling the world with actress and comedian Nathalie Nicloux, exploring how sexuality is experienced in different cultures.

The series will be filmed in several countries including Brazil, Spain, China, Japan, India, and the USA, and will deal with subjects ranging from feminism and LGBT issues, to culture-specific practices with a “sex positive” focus.

The program’s co-hosts will interact with characters from the most diverse corners of the world and have intriguing conversations about sexuality and culture. The series will be broadcast during prime time on TVN (, Chile’s biggest network, and will be transmitted to over 25 countries worldwide. Specifically, our Las Vegas episode will paint a picture of the city as an epicenter for entertainment and sexuality without restraints, which both men and women can enjoy equally. In our female sexuality segment, we aim to make the point that the days of Las Vegas as a male-dominant ‘city of sin’ are over.

Shoots Aug. 5-11 in Las Vegas, NV.

Neew Rodrigo Jarpa series holding casting call in L.A and Vegas


2 Groups of Girlfriends ages 21-30, and 40-50 (Lead)- FROM LAS VEGAS & LOS ANGELES AREAS

Seeking group of fun girlfriends ages 21-30 to participate in this docu-series, ideally a group of three-four girls who don’t mind being on camera talking openly about their sexuality. Female host of the show will meet you either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, get to know the girls little bit, hop in a cab, and have a fun night of shows/bars/clubs; then the following morning/afternoon, talent and host meet for a few minutes to talk about the night before.

This is for a prime time open television show so no graphic content or nudity; Spanish-speaking is not required but definitely a plus. Production will pay for a night at a hotel on the Strip, transportation in Las Vegas, tickets to a show (“Thunder from Down Under” or Chippendales, to be determined), and party expenses. If you’d like to participate, submit a short paragraph describing yourself and your friends, including headshots. While shoot is Aug. 5-11, let producers know if you are available the nights of Aug. 7, 8, or 9. E-mail


Las Vegas “Cougar” Character ages 45-60

Woman aged 45 and up who is in a relationship (serious or casual) with a much younger man; must be a Las Vegas local; production would do a short fun interview with talent and series’ co-hosts, ideally in talent’s home; Spanish-speaking is not required but definitely a plus.

Please e-mail a short paragraph describing yourself: name, age, what you do for a living, where you live, your partner’s age, and anything interesting producers might want to know about you. Include a picture of yourself and your partner, as well as your availability for the week of Aug. 5-11. Email:

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