Casting Featured Roles in Meg Ryan Film ‘Ithaca’ in VA


The Meg Ryan / Tom Hanks produced feature film ‘Ithaca” is now casting featured roles in VA.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are back together to do another film. The “Sleepless in Seattle” pair are teaming up behind the camera on this one.The new film is titled “Ithaca” and will be an adaptation of the 1943 book by William Saroyan called “The Human Comedy.” Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are both producing the project which will star Meg Ryan, Sam Shepard, Melanie Griffith and Meg Ryan’s son, Jack Quaid.

Ithaca” is a new film that is set during WWII. The story takes place in a small California town in 1942. In the story, a 14-year old boy named Homer Macauley is working as a bike messenger to help out his family while his older brother goes off to war. Homer needs to help take care of their mother and his siblings. The war’s toll on families is revealed through the messages that Homer delivers including one message that will change his life forever.

Casting directors with Erica Arvord Casting are seeking to fill a variety of roles which include general extras, stand-ins and the featured roles listed below. The film is set during WWII times and the production would also like to find some vintage vehicles which can be used on set. There is a lot of roles to be filled, check them all out below and if interested, follow the directions at the bottom to submit your information.

"Ithaca" with Meg Ryan is holding auditions and casting extras in Virginia

The film is shooting this summer in the Richmond / central Virginia area.

Arvold Casting released the following casting notice:

Arvold Casting is now looking for paid background artists, extras and talent who look authentically from the 1942 time period. They are looking for people who have a natural look and can pass for being in that period. Currently, the production is only looking for talent that is local to the Richmond / central Virginia area as no travel expenses will be covered for extras.

Here is the casting notice:

We are searching for extras, Stand-Ins, and drivers of vintage vehicles who have the flexibility to do as many days as needed during the shoot dates, and will also consider those with more limited availability.

All ages and both sexes who look authentic to the period of 1942 are encouraged to submit. And specifically looking for the following featured background roles:

MISS HICKS: Caucasian Female, age 70?s to 90?s, fit enough to spend the day on set, with an interesting face that is not cosmetically enhanced but instead wonderfully real and authentic. This role is currently scheduled to film on July 21st, and time is of the essence on this one. No experience required, just confidence. If you know of a relative or friend who might like to tackle the adventure of being an extra in a feature film, please encourage her to submit and/or perhaps take the needed photos and submit on her behalf.

HELEN: Caucasian Female, looks age 13-16, the most beautiful girl in the class, the one all the boys have a crush on. This role is currently scheduled to film on July 21st, and time is of the essence on this one so submit ASAP.

MR. MECHANO: Caucasian male, 20?s to 50?s. Is it a man or a man-like machine in the store window? Ability to perform movements in a robotic way required. When submitting, please describe mime background/experience. We welcome any video link showing us this skill.

HARMONICA PLAYING SOLDIER: Male, 18 to early 30?s, fit with waist no larger than 34. Skilled with the harmonica. When submitting, please describe harmonica playing experience. We welcome any video link showing us this skill.

We have other featured background roles to cast not listed, the above are only the most time sensitive.

Also seeking for this production:
Military age men to play WWII soldiers and sailors as this film is set during World War II. Fit, trim, no taller than 6’3?, and smaller sizes are great in order to fit into the period wardrobe. No “beer bellies” for these military roles as the pants come up over the stomach and need to fit.

Males age 60 to 90?s with interesting character faces to hang out at the neighborhood bar.

Women from teens to 90?s to play a variety of background roles, dress size no larger than size 8 to be able to fit into the period wardrobe. No taller than 5’9?. Small and narrow shoe size a plus. Any period looking wardrobe or footwear a plus. Hair which can be styled and set into a 1942 look is needed. This is one period film which needs a nice number of women!

Men of all ages, we have lots of roles for those who wouldn’t be in the military as well as those who would.

Photo Double: Male, Caucasian, brown hair, 5’10?, 135 lbs, 18+ preferred, but at least 16 years old. Waist 29. Suit 39 or 40. Can ride a bike like nobody’s business and has availability for the entire shoot.

Photo Double for child: Male, Caucasian, very blond. 3?6?, 40 lbs. Has availability for the entire shoot.

For all: This movie is set in 1942. No braces, no visible tattoos which cannot be covered, no hair color or style which would not look at home in 1942.

For more information on how to submit for the above listed roles, please visit Erica Arvold Casting.

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  1. Kathy Finney

    Work as an extra, 60 years young, Caucasian lady.


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