Casting a SAG-AFTRA project in Chicago

By | January 8, 2014

I am assisting with casting a SAG-AFTRA project. Please submit your H & R to ( if you are interested in auditioning.

Union and pre-union actors are welcome to submit. Auditions will be held in early in February at SAG-AFTRA in Chicago. Thank you!

AUDREY – Caucasian, Early to Late 30’s, Lesbian, Fit, Nurse.

CARRIE – Biracial/Middle Eastern/Caucasian, Early 30’s to Early 40’s, Lesbian, Fit, Attractive, Local News Anchor.

BRIAN – Caucasian, Age 16, Intelligent.

REBECCA – Caucasian, early 40’s, National Broadcast Journalist/TV Show Host.

RYAN – Caucasian, mid to late 40’s, Television Producer.

Suzy Brack, Casting Director

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