Chicago Illinois Feature Film Casting principal roles

Battle Scars

Location: Chicago, IL

Type: Film

1. Samantha Queen, 18 Years Old. Any Ethnicity. Samantha Queen is a precocious young woman with a quick wit, sarcastic sense of humor, and an acerbic point of view. Samantha is artistic and she floats through the world like a free spirit. She’s reluctant to coast off of her parent’s accomplishments, and determined to blaze her own path in the worlds. The actress that portrays young Samantha Queen must have a deep understanding of comedic timing and they must bring a sense of vulnerability to the role.

2. Jamal Jordan Senior, Mid – Thirties. African American. Intelligent. Professional. Jamal Sr. is an affluent, neurotic university professor who still carries around a mistake that he made years ago. One that he has let define him his entire life. Deeply ashamed of this mistake, Jamal Sr. is determined to atone for his “sin.” The actor that portrays Professor Jordan must be able to wear the character’s shame and guilt as if it is a costume.

3. Anthony Queen, Early Twenties. Any Ethnicity. Anthony is the over protective older brother of Samantha. Anthony believes that family is the most important thing in the world and he shows that by looking out for his little sister. Anthony is an aggressive stereotypical jock who thinks he’s the hometown hero. Hidden deep underneath the hulking of Anthony is actually a heart of gold. The actor that portrays Anthony must understand that Anthony is a human, not a villain. Everything that he does he believes is in the best interest of the family.

4. DeMarcus Lewis, Early to Mid – Twenties. African American. DeMarcus is the charismatic leader of a gang that starts to take interest in Jamal in a big bad way. DeMarcus is completely nihilistic, and seemingly has no reasons for anything he does. The actor that portrays DeMarcus must have a strong presence. The actor must be able to fill a room without saying a word.

5. Danielle Jordan, Mid – Thirties. African American. Danielle is the strong willed, proud mother of Jamal. Danielle is the single mother of three kids, who after finally hitting one road block too many realizes that she can’t do it on her own anymore. The actress that portrays Danielle Jordan must be able to have a strong sense of pride and determination, while still bringing a sense of exhaustion and vulnerability to the character.

6. Peanut, mid to late teens. African American. Peanut is the fast talking best friend of Jamal. Peanut has a deep respect and admiration for Jamal, and he helps him into the gang. Peanut’s deepest ambition seems to be moving his way up the ranks of the gang. The actor who portrays Peanut must have a very deep understanding of comedic relief and time.

7. Mr. Queen, Early forties to Mid-fifties. Any ethnicity. Mr. Queen is the atypical bread-winner. Head of the house hold. He is always calm, sometimes bordering on cold. The actor who portrays Mr. Queen must understand that Mr. Queen is a concerned parent, attempting to do right by his family.

8. Mrs. Queen, Early forties to mid-fifties. Any ethnicity. If this was the 1950s, Mrs. Queen would be considered the stereotypical matriarch of the family. Mrs. Queen approaches every situation as a mediator. She’s the voice of reason in the Queen family.

9. Tiffany Jordan, Early to mid-teens. African American. Tiffany is the precocious younger sister of Jamal. She is eager and she looks up to her older brother. Tiffany is usually care-free, but her older brother has a huge influence on her. So when Jamal starts spiraling down the wrong path, Tiffany mirrors him. When Jamal’s father reemerges, a deep seeded resentment towards Jamal is awakened with Tiffany.

10. Kevin Jordan, Pre-teens. African American. Kevin is usually quiet and loves to play video games. He sees and hears everything and usually tells on his older sister who he is constantly bickering with.

11. Lenny, Late teens, any ethnicity. Lenny is the fast talking friend of Samantha. Although he tends to be somewhat self-absorbed, it is obvious that he cares deeply for his friends. Lenny is also very flirtatious and seemingly slutty. The actor who portrays Lenny must have a very deep understanding of comic relief and timing.

12. Karen, late teens, any ethnicity. Karen is the introverted, studious friend of Samantha. Karen always appears to have her nose in the books and would always choose to stay in and watch romantic comedies than go out to parties.

13. Ms. Santiago, early to late thirties. Any ethnicity. Ms. Santiago is pretty down to earth and she understands her students on a level that most teachers can’t. It must have something to do with the fact that Ms. Santiago is from the same neighborhood. This allows her to empathize with her students on a deeper level.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago, IL
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  1. Very interested in submitting for several parts of this film! Please send me an email so I can send head shot and resume over. Thanks a million.

  2. Very interested in auditioning for several parts of this film!

    Theatre student, looking to transition into film.

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