Dallas / Ft. Worth Theater Auditions for “Fight of my Life”


“Fight of My Life” Stage Play

Location: Dallas, TX; Ft. Worth, TX

Type: Theater

Synopsis: Life tends to be all fun and games until someone’s child is hurt and a marriage is left completely shattered. Everett and Andrew are left to gamble everything they have to fight for the very person they love most in their lives. Only one man will win, life isn’t fair. Who will it be? Who loves life more? Game On!

Character Breakdown

Rachel Gibson (20s-30s): African American female. Kind hearted, yet weak and oblivious. Follows every word a male tells her to without question. Rodney’s mistress/side-piece/side chick.

Andrew Hewitt (30s-40s): African American male. Tall, athletic/fit/in-shape, clean cut. Loving, charming, warm, sentimental, and responsible. Likes to compromise to keep down confusion; until pushed to his limits. Husband of Traci and father of Courtney.

Courtney Hewitt (8-10): African American female. A true “Daddy’s girl.” Very soft. quiet, caring, innocent; yet sharp, intelligent, and very much aware. The daughter of Andrew and Traci.

Traci Hewitt (30s-40s): African American female. Shallow and very disrespectful. Nonchalant attitude, very straight forward, and loves to play the innocent role. The daughter of Evelyn; wife of Andrew; and mother of Courtney. **SINGING ROLE**

Rodney Jackson (20s-30s): African American male. Very direct and stern. Finds nothing funny, a “no nonsense person.” Very rough-around-the-edges, a jerk, and above all; he’s a male chauvinist. Boyfriend of Jessica.

Antonio Lewis (20s-30s): African American male. Mature, level headed, and the voice of reason. Law abiding citizen and refuses to engage in Everett’s “heat of the moment” decisions. Will always do what’s right, no matter who’s watching. Best friend of Everett.

Evelyn Singleton (50-60s): African American female. The Bible Breathing and Prayer Warrior foundation of the family. Takes no mess. She means what she says, and dares anyone to challenge her authority. Simply wants her children to be respectable men and women of God and she’ll go to the Earth’s end to insure it happens. **SINGING ROLE**

Everett Singleton (20s-30s): African American male. Wants to do the right thing, but somehow evil always follows him. Tends to believe he puts forth all his effort, but he really remains stagnate. Sincere yet immature. Willing yet a procrastinator. Son of Evelyn and father of Zion. The Fight Is On!

Allison Smith, Esq. (30s): Caucasian female. Average height and build. Compassionate and gentle, yet direct. Friend of Antonio and Lawyer of Everett.

Jessica Taylor (20s-30s): African American female. Could be seen as the “Baby Mama from Hell,” but that’s not the case. Weak, scared, and the peacemaker. She attempts to find a voice, but loses every time. Mother of Zion and girlfriend of Rodney.

Zion Taylor (5-7): African American male. “Mama’s boy.” A very “down,” quiet, and depressed child. Lives in fear daily. Wants nothing more than his father and to be happy. Son of Everett and Jessica.

(4) Singers: 2 males, 2 females. Any ethnicity. Acting skills are not required.

"Fight of My Life" Stage Play

Audition Date/Time/Location: Saturday, October 18, 2014
8828 N. Stemmons Frwy Dallas, TX 75247 (Regal Center)
9:00am- 10:30am (SINGERS/BGVs ONLY)

Gospel/Spiritual Songs Only

11:00- 3:00pm (ALL ACTING includ. SINGING ROLES)
Cold Reading, Monologue 2 min. limit; Song** (Anita Baker or Gospel only)

Paid/Non-Paid: Paid; Contingent on 15%-25% of cast member’s sold tickets
Meals/Lodging/Transportation Provided: Snacks & Beverages

* Visit “Casting Call” at www.brandimcdowell.com for registration or contact casting@brandimcdowell.com*

Production Title: “Fight of My Life”
Studio/Independent: Independent
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Stage Play; Theater
Production Location: Dallas, TX & Grand Prairie, TX
Production Date: November 11, 2014- February 28, 2015
Producer/Director/Writer: Brandi McDowell

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, TX; Ft. Worth, TX
Please submit to: casting@brandimcdowell.com by 2014-10-17

This casting notice was posted by: Brandi McDowell Productions

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