Dallas Texas Film Trailer casting actors for speaking roles

Juarez Concept Trailer

Location: Dallas, Texas

Type: Film

This is a concept trailer for an action, Mexican cartel themed film- Send Submissions directly to ali.stolarf@gmail.com

Jake: Male, Caucasian, athletic, very attractive, 40s- He is a very sad and damaged person but also determined and driven

Jesse: Male, Caucasian, slim to athletic build, 20s-30s- Jesse always tries to do the right thing but always gets himself into trouble. He is Jake’s younger brother

Charlie: Male, open ethnicity, average, 30s-40s- He is Jake’s best friend and tries to be his voice of reason.

Lupe: Female, Hispanic (slight accent preferred but not necessary), slim to athletic, 40s- “Loca Lupe” is the head of the Mexican cartel, and she lives up to her name. She is mean, ruthless, and cold, and just as intimidating as any male villain

Ramon: Male, Hispanic, attractive, 20s-30s- He is just as cruel as Lupe and does all of her dirty work, and I do mean dirty.

Carlos: Male, Hispanic, average, 40s- Lupe’s right hand man

Messenger: Male, Hispanic, 18+: He gives Lupe the name of her snitch

Antonio: Male, Hispanic, very attractive, athletic, 20s- Only one line for the trailer but he is an ally of Jake’s and love interest of Tia

Young Tia: Female, Hispanic/multiethnic/African American, Curly brown hair w/brown eyes, petite, 8-12- Young Tia is shown in one flashback where she sees her mother, Lupe, get into a brief fight with her boyfriend

Marly: (Non-Speaking) Female, Caucasian, 7-11- She is Jake’s young daughter. She is only in one scene (death scene, implied w/no violence)

Katherine:(Non-Speaking) Female, Caucasian, 30s-40s- She is Jake’s ex-wife and will only be seen in a photograph

Thugs: Males ages 18+ with a “rough” look- We will need some men to play Lupe’s thugs as well as gang bangers for the mugging scene. Some will have small speaking roles, small fight scenes, stand-ins, etc.

Extras: people 18+ to act in the background, specifically for the bar and restaurant scenes

Include the name of the roll you would like to audition for in your subject line. Please submit your resume and headshots as well as a full body shot. They do not need to be professional as long as they are clear and recent. If you would like to audition for Marly, Katherine, or the thugs, please send in a short dramatic monologue in addition to your submission, as there will not be any sides for your character. Please only serious submissions. Good luck!

dallas Texas casting call for film trailer

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, Texas
Please submit to: ali.stolarf@gmail.com by 2014-06-30

This casting notice was posted by: Ali Stolar

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