DC auditions for teens – Theater


Three Summer Play Auditions – For Teens and Young Adults

Location: Washington DC

Type: Theater

Rehearses June 1-12
Performs June 13-14

Gray-An intelligent, cynical student. Witty, but with a nasty temper.
Trevor- An eccentric student and aspiring filmmaker. Affable, but unpredictable.

Carol-Trevor’s girlfriend. A clever hipster with a sharp attitude, but a big heart.

Rehearses June 15-July 10
Performs July 11-13

Cassio-Othello’s lieutenant. Disciplined and well-intentioned, but inexperienced
and prone to anger.
Roderigo-friend to Iago. Lovesick and gullible.
Montano-governor of Cyprus. A party animal at the start, he gradually matures.

Desdemona-wife to Othello. All at once naïve and wise beyond her years.
Emilia-wife to Iago. Brave and protective, despite the pain she carries with her.
Bianca-mistress to Cassio. Tempestuous and unpredictable.

EITHER: various servants, sailors, etc.

Rehearses July 14-August 14
Performs August 15-17

Bat Boy, later called Edgar (tenor): a half-bat, half boy found in a cave in West
Dr. Thomas Parker (high baritone): the town veterinarian and the story’s
Sheriff Reynolds (baritone): typical small town cop. Also plays townswoman
Delia (in drag)
Rick Taylor (tenor): Shelley’s dumb, mean boyfriend. Also plays Mr. Dillon and
Lorraine (both townsfolk, one in drag).
Rev. Billy Hightower (gospel tenor/bari): A preacher and faith healer. Also
plays Mrs. Taylor (overprotective mother, drag role), Roy (townsperson), and the
Institute Man
Pan (tenor): The Greek satyr-god of nature. Also plays a doctor, Bud, and Daisy
(townsfolk, the latter in drag)

Meredith Parker (mezzo): Dr. Parker’s kind-hearted wife, raises the Bat Boy
Shelley Parker (soprano): Dr. Parker’s daughter, falls in love with the Bat Boy
Ruthie Taylor (mezzo): rowdy teen. Also plays Ned (a rancher, drag role)
Ron Taylor (mezzo, drag role): rowdy teen. Also plays Mayor Maggie and Clem
(a townsman, also in drag)

PLEASE NOTE: On the audition form, you will have a space to indicate
which shows you would like to be considered for. You may or may not be
cast in any or all of those shows. By auditioning you are agreeing to accept
any role(s) offered to you within the shows you have selected.

Payment: Non Paid

4615 theater auditions

City or Location of call: Washington DC
Please submit to: clarellockhart@gmail.com by 2014-05-19

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