Documentary series is seeking people undecided about a decision

Got a tough decision to make? A docu-series is casting those undecided about an offer, ultimatum, or proposition!

Location: Nationwde

Type: Docu-series

Documentary series is seeking to highlight people undecided about a choice they never thought they would have to entertain. We know employment can be a struggle. Money is tight and without a job, you might be tempted to make money in a way you don’t want to.

Are you being propositioned? Given and ultimatum? Offered material things for something you need?
Maybe you are thinking of doing something you’d never thought you would do!
Has someone propositioned you, leaving you confused and unable to make a decision?
Maybe someone is offering you money if you move in with them and be their companion.
Maybe someone is offering you a job but only if you give them something in return.
Being paid to keep a secret?
Family disowning you?
Assistant that has to do more than assist?
Paid to stay closeted or to be a beard?
Married man made you an offer?
Work superior wants an affair to further your career?
Someone’s health in danger & willing to take an offer to make their health bills more tolerable?
Paid to stay closeted or be a beard?
What ever the offer is I would like to hear about it. Stories will be verified so serious inquiries only.

Right Decision, Wrong Decision Road Sign

Reply with name, phone number, email, and what the offer is you considering.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Nationwde
Please submit to:

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casting call flyer for documentary series

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