Elvis Film casting principal roles in Orlando, FL

By | August 18, 2014

Return To Live

Location: Orlando, Florida & Surrounding areas.

Type: Film

Principal Characters:

Young Elvis age 12: Young male ages 11-12.Blue eyes.Must be slender and have light brown to blondish brown straight hair and somewhat resemble Young Elvis in our photo.

Vernon (Elvis’ Father) : Slender but strong Adult Male ages 38-43. Blue to greenish blue eyes.Must be around 5’10-6’0 in height.Wavy light brown hair and somewhat resemble Vernon in our photo.

Gladys (Elvis’ Mother) : Curvy fuller frame Adult female ages 35- 40.Light brown to blueish green eyes. Must be 5’5 -5’7. Wavy brown hair.Must somewhat resemble Gladys in our photo.

Colonel (Elvis’ Manager) : Male ages 48-55. Must be 5’10-6’0 in height.Fuller frame and must somewhat resemble Colonel’s photo.

Extras: *In need of extras for the 1950’s outside concert sequence.Ages 18 -28. Must be in authentic looking 1950’s wardrobe. 1950’s hairstyles for both males and females a must.

*In need for extras to be a part of a press conference that took place in the late 1960’s. Late 1960’s attire and hair a must for both female and male extras.

Male extra: Male needed for scene taking place in 1968.Will have a few lines.

Male extras: 2 males need to play reporters who will be asking questions.

For more info and photos of our characters please visit:


Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Orlando,Florida & Surrounding areas.
Please submit to: Elvis32837@yahoo.com by 2014-09-20

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