Extras Casting Call on “Chicago PD” – 3 Day Shoot in Illinois

There is a new extras call in the Chicago area for the NBC series “Chicago PD”

The NBC series follows District 21 of the Chicago PD and 2 units in that police department.  The 2 units the show focuses on are a group of Chicago beat cops and the major crimes unit. The show is directed by Joe Chappelle and was  created by “Law and Order’s” Dick Wolf. “Chicago PD” stars Matt Olmstead, Jason Beghe, Kelly Blatz and Sophia Bush.

The show is looking to fill some roles on a jailhouse scene that will be filming next week in Chicago. The scene will film for 3 days and extras applying need to be available from the 22nd through the 24th. Roles available are a featured female guard, rough and tough prisoners and male prison guards.

NBC Chicago PD Extras

We still need JAILBIRDS, GUARDS, and a FEATURED FEMALE GUARD for a three-day scene next week (September 22nd-24th)!
If you have already sent in an email, we got your submission. If you are selected you will be notified shortly. ALL people submitting for this spot will have a background check performed, it is required for you to enter the prison. That means you will NOT be admitted if you have any felonies or outstanding warrants.

You MUST INCLUDE your STATE ID/DRIVERS LICENSE information (State of issue, Number, and Expiration) to be considered!

FEATURED FEMALE GUARD. Large, rugged, and imposing. Any ethnicity, 30’s-50’s. We want a super tough, ass-kicking scary female prison guard. You’re playing a guard in an all male, high-security prison. Include a few pictures in your email, along with your ID INFORMATION.

MALE PRISONERS. Tough, rugged, and rough around the edges. Any ethnicity, 20’s-50’s. If you have fighting experience please let us know. Please include a few pictures in your email, along with your ID INFORMATION.

We are also looking for MALE GUARDS. 6’0 or taller, any ethnicity, 20’s-40″s, very tough, large, and muscular. If you have experience as a real prison guard/bouncer/super security, please list that in your email. Please include a few pictures, along with your ID INFORMATION.

If you match this description, please submit to TailSticksCasting@gmail.com with “FEMALE GUARD”, “GUARD”, or “JAILBIRD” in the Subject Line with the following info:
Attach recent photos of yourself:
ID Information:

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  1. alfredo falcon

    My natural skills for acting are what has enabled me to endure the hardships of life and as well give me a natural talent for getting under a characters skin in a monologue. However given my upbringing in harsh areas of Spanish Harlem NY and Newark NJ, in early childhood I developed a passion for acting. “Yes I am well versed in the urban hood life as well as the aspects of its demise. Sincerely. Alfredo falcon “noodles”

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