Feature Film “Paper Towns” Needs Extras with Cars in Charlotte


New casting call out on “Paper Towns” filming in North Carolina

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area and would love to become a movie extra… read on.

The movie is looking for background extras who have cars that may be used in filming. At the moment, they are casting for scenes that will be filming next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. However, the casting call also mentions that they will be needing lots of extras with cars throughout filming which will continue into December, so if you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and would like to take part in the film… get your submissions in.

“Paper Towns,” based on the novel by “The Fault in Our Stars” writer, John Green will be in production this fall, November through December.  The story is about two teens and stars  Nat Wolff  and Cara Delevingne.  Jake Schreier will be directing “Paper Towns” which is described as a mystery about 2 teens. The film will be produced by Fox and Temple Hill Entertainment. It is currently scheduled for a summer 2015.

Extras casting information for "Paper Towns"

Please note that the submission email address for extras with cars is not the same as the general extras submission email. If you are looking for the general submission email address, please refer to the past casting calls on “Paper Towns”.

PAPER TOWNS – Needing those with vehicles for filming next week.

This show will be needing a lot of folks with vehicles through out filming.
Many days you will be working outside of your car as an extra as well as driving or having your vehicle parked in a shot.
There will be days when folks may just be driving their vehicles -meaning your car is getting the camera time.
We should have more information regarding any vehicle restrictions we may have later today.

Those with vehicles next week for the following;
Tuesday 11/4 -Need 6 people with vehicles
Wed. 11/5 -Need 21 people with vehicles.
9 of which will also need to work on Tuesday 11/18 for matching purposes.
The additional 12 should be excellent drivers.
Thursday 11/6 -Need 8 people with vehicles

If available to work with your vehicle next week and would like to be considered -please send a submissions to extraswithcars@gmail.com

Make sure you include your name, phone, age, height/weight, city/state you reside and vehicle information (make,model,color,year), any paint issues, damage,dents or dings your vehicle may have along with a current snapshot of yourself and of your vehicle -if you have one.

Submissions heading should be your next week dates you are available -meaning Tues 11/4, Wed 11/5 or Thurs. 11/6. If submitting for Wed 11/5 and would be available to return on Tuesday 11/18 if needed -let us know that as well.

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