Film “House of Nocturne” Open Auditions in Michigan

Feature Film “House of Nocturne Trilogy” Open Casting in West Michigan

Location: Michigan

Type: Film

Prymal Studios is proud to announce the casting for the homage to the Twilight Zone, “House of Nocturne”.


Kenneth Scrues is directing and producing this dull length Independent feature film that pays homage to the “Twilight Zone” and “Tales from the Crypt“. The film will be shooting in Southwest Michigan this summer and is looking to cast some principal roles as well as some extras. This is a non-union production and will be a non-paid project with some possibility of payment if the film makes a profit.

The film has 3 separate stories, the characters / cast are listed below.

Auditions for indie film in south west Michigan


House Of Nocturne” is a film about Alexie gifted with “True Sight” running from something by accident falls into the nightclub House of Nocturne. There Nocturne, and his familiars Selene, and Edison use her gift to record the stories of the “Wyrd” and verify them.

The Stories are “Home By Friday,” Goodnight Story,” and “Cleanliness/Godliness”

Character BIOS
ALEXIE (FEMALE: Age: 18-20)
Alexie has the gift of true sight. She has failed to understand her gift and had damaged herself as a means to cope. Upon meeting Nocturne she realizes the world is so much more than it seems.

NOCTURNE (MALE. Age: 20 and up)
Nocturne is the owner of the nightclub House Of Nocturne, and is a chronicler. He has as recorded the stories of the “Wyrd” for centuries. He sees Alexie as another tool in his chosen task, and brings her in. His nightclub has one rule. Neutrality, tolerance, and no violence.

SELENE (FEMALE: Age: 22 and up)
Selene is the manager of the nightclub, and the feline familiar to Nocturne. She is sultry, seductive, playful, and dangerous.

EDISON (MALE: Age: 22 and up)
Edison manages the vast volumes of books Nocturne has, and the avian familiar to Nocturne. He is organized, upright, serious, and dangerous.

JULIUS (MALE: Age 22 and Up )
Julius is the security of the nightclub, and bodyguard to Nocturne. Has the brand “EMET” on his forehead. He is large, intimidating.

EXTRAS Nightclub goers, (Wyrd and Human)


When a group of jocks abuses the new girl, they all realize they should be home by Friday.

Becky (Female. Age: 16-19): A young teenage girl drawn into a group of high school jocks.

Chad (Male. Age: 16-19): Leader of the group of jocks that torture girls in their group.

Fred (Male. Age: 16-19): One of the jocks following Chad. Records everything on his cell phone.

Leon (Male. Age: 16-19): One of the jocks following Chad.

Steve (Male. Age: 16-19): Manipulated Becky into following him.


During the zombie apocalypse, Cody’’s loyalty to his friend is being tested when a zombie bites Gordon. The only way Gordon can survive is by passing the “Goodnight Story”. Can he do it?

Gordon (Male. Age: 20s to 30s): Best friend to Cody, and got bit by a zombie. He must pass the “Goodnight Story” to survive the night.

Cody (Male. Age: 20s to 30s): Best friend of Gordon. He is weary of killing zombies that used to be his friends, and family.

Lilly (Female. Age: 11-13) : Grew up with Cody’s sister, Wendy.

Extras: Zombies


When a few high school students and newlyweds disappear in a vacation spot, part time detective Peter Tellus uses his skills and gut instincts to track down a perpetrator that uses warped biblical scripture to justify his crimes.

Peter Tellus (Male. Age:40-55) Retired Chicago Police detective, working part time for Saugatuck Police depart. Must use his “gut instinct” and his training to solve why residents, and vacationers are disappearing.

James Spence (Male. Age: 12-13): Young abuse boy abused by his OCD mother to the point of mental damage. Grew up large and strong working at the school as a janitor. Quotes scripture with a connection to cleaning.

Older James (Male. Age: Mid 20s)

Mary Spence (Female. Age: 20s to 30s): Mother of James Spence. Transferred her OCD to her son by mental and physical abuse.

Francis Mooney (Male. Age: 40-55): Friend of Peter and his wife. Works the night shift

Jason (Male. Age: 15-20) : Teenager on the swim team working out late with Rob. Both of them harass Jimmy

Rob (Male. Age: 15-20): Teenager on the swim team working out late with Jason. Both of them harass Jimmy
Anthony, and Melody: Honeymooning with Melody, accidently crossing paths with Jimmy.

Tourist (Male. Age: 20s) : A car is damaged by a crossing deer. He meets James Spence then later, Peter Tellus.
Newlywed (Female. Age: Mid 20s)
Newlywed (Male. Age: Mid 20s)

Payment:  Lead actor 3% of net profit, co-actor, 2% of net profit.

Travel expenses and accommodations will NOT be provided.


Audition Date: Saturday, August 9th 2014 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Audition Location: Spectrum Theatre 160 Fountain St. NE, Grand Rapids MI.

Please park on the street. No parking in the theatre’s parking lot.

Please send your resume and headshot to

Any questions feel free to contact Ken Scrues at

City or Location of call: Michigan
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Ken Scrues- Prymal Studios

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