FX Network Pilot now Casting in Miami


TV Pilot – Miami

Bill Marinella casting is looking for people to fill various roles on the FX television pilot “Hoke”, starring Paul Giamatti and Oona Chaplin.

The project films in Miami and even though extras will be paid (about $100 per day), travel expenses will not so please only apply of you are fairly local to the area or within driving distance.

Casting directors are looking for some very period specific looks and that period is 1978. Do you have a 70’s haircut? Does your hair feather perfectly? If so, you can send in your pics to the casting directors for “Hoke”

Wardrobe fittings WILL be MANDATORY for most. The roles below are just a few of the types we will be looking for.  Start growing out those mustaches guys and bust out the blow dryers ladies so your hair can be Farrah fabulous. See the attached picture and do your best to submit with in character.

Check out the following pics to see what 1978 looks like:

pics from 1978 for Fx pilot auditions


PAUL GIAMATTI STAND IN: Male, 5’7″ to 5’9″, balding brown hair.
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0316079. Must have flexible schedule throughout February. Monday thru Friday.
OONA CHAPLIN STAND IN: Female, 5’6″ to 5’8″, longer dark brunette hair
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2772105. Must have flexible schedule throughout February. Monday thru Friday.

Older Filipino Man: Male, of Filipino, Vietnamese or Thai descent. Maybe fabulous and flamboyant? All types. Will consider those ages 40-60’s. Put “HOUSEBOY” in subject line.

DEAD JUNKIE TEEN: Male, Caucasian, 18+ to play younger. VERY SKINNY, emaciated, etc. Skeletal frame. Sunken eyes, etc. Put “JUNKIE” in subject line.

CUBANS: Men, Women, and Children, all ages, who can realistically portray someone of Cuban descent. MUST BE ABLE TO HANDLE WORKING ON THE WATER. If you are easily sea sick, this one is not for you. Put “CUBAN” in subject line.

FISHERMEN: Men, 18+, who have boating experience, lifeguard experience, Coast Guard, those with some sort water training. Put “FISHERMEN” in subject line.

TENEMENT RESIDENTS: Men and Women, ages 65+, Caucasian. Elderly types, retirees, old folks home, blue hairs, and little old bitties, etc Put “RESIDENT” in subject line.

Cops/Law Enforcement Personnel: Men, Caucasian, 20’s to 60’s. Please note any experience you have. Put “COPS” in the subject line when submitting.

CUTE TEEN GIRL: Female, Caucasian, 18+ to play younger. Put “TEEN GIRL” in subject line.

BLONDE BASEBALL PLAYER: Male, Caucasian, Blonde, ages 25-35. Baseball experience preferred. Athletic. Put “BLONDE BASEBALL” in subject line.

PETERSON PHOTO DOUBLE: Male, African American, ages 25-35. Must have head of hair. Athletic. Nobody with shaved heads or modern hairstyles. Baseball experience preferred. Put “AA BASEBALL” in subject line.

CARS – looking for cars from the year 1978 and older. Clunkers and shiners. Put “CAR” in subject line. Be sure to include color, make, model, etc.

VARIOUS TYPES: Men with mustaches, ladies with big hair, guys with longer hair that can be styled. Folks with Interesting, character type faces. Bushy hair, etc.

To apply for the show you can visit here for further instructions and more information.

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  1. Antonio

    Estoy muy interesado en esto! Les dejo mi correo para saber cualquier cosa. Estoy muy seguro que tengo bastante parecido con uno de la foto. Gracias.
    Espero sus detalles


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