Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ starring Paul Rudd Filming in San Francisco & Atlanta


Looks like Ant-Man will begin filming in the SF bay area beginning next week and there is a casting call for extras out.

There is a casting call out from San Francisco area casting directors at Beau Bonneau are looking to fill various extra roles for filming next week in the Tenderloin.

According to SF Gate, Ant-Man is coming to San Francisco. The city will be the backdrop for another blockbuster movie that is set to start filming in the city next week.

The film is currently being called “Bigfoot” and will be filming in Tenderloin and around Buena Vista Park.  Residents can expect some street closures and a few traffic delays in those areas. Reports also state that the stars of the film,  Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas will both be in San Francisco next week for the shoot.

There is also an open casting call for Marvel’s Ant-Man going on this weekend in Georgia. The Ant-Man open call will be held tomorrow near the new Pinewood Studios in Fayetteville.

Marvel’s Ant-Man has been in development for years. Edgar Wright seems to be out of the project at this point after spending many years developing it. Wright was going to helm the film, but later dropped out. ‘Ant-Man‘ is now in the hands of Peyton Reed is who has taken over the ‘Ant-Man‘ project for Marvel. Variety  stated in a recent post that fans may not need to worry about production delays moving back the film’s release date. Marvel is sticking with its July 17, 2015 release date for the comic book based film.

The film is about the Marvel comic books Ant-Man character who is played by Paul Rudd. Ant-Man is a thief who steals a size changing technology from scientist Pym, played by Michael Douglas.

Casting call announced for Ant-Man movie in Atlanta and San Francisco

Beau Bonneau had released the following casting notice earlier this wee. The company is looking for San Francisco Bay area locals who are available to work next week on Tuesday in San Francisco.

Casting directors for the film are looking for Blue Collar types as well as cars that can be used in the film. Those applying need to be prepared for long days on set, up to 14 hours long and early morning call times, 5 AM. See below for all the details as well as submission instructions.

We are currently seeking SF Bay Area local Men & Women, 18 years & over, available Tues 8/19 for paid Extra Work in Tenderloin scenes in the feature film, “Bigfoot,” shooting in San Francisco.

Ant Man movie filming in San Francisco area next week

Ant-Man casting call information for San Francisco area:

Production is specifically seeking people to portray blue-collar appearing, Tenderloin residents or Homeless types. Some resident types will also be cast with their cars and there is a need for both daily drivers and some older, more worn vehicles (no red, white, or luxury cars). Please Note: There may be rain work this day, so everyone must be willing to get wet! You will receive an additional $14 if you work in the rain.

Hours/Rates: Film shoots often last 12-14 hours, and may start very early in the morning i.e. 5AM-6AM. Saying you are available, means literally all day without conflict. The Non Union extra rate is $85.92 for 8hrs plus overtime at time and 1/2 thereafter. Union Rate pays scale plus overtime if applicable. Additional $35 if cast with your car and $12 if cast with your bike. Free parking is provided as well as lunch along with free snacks and beverages.

TO SUBMIT: email the following to ASAP:

  • Subject line: Bigfoot 8/19, Name, Approx Age, Cell, Car Year, Color, Make & Model if you have one.
  • City you live in
  • Union Status: Non Union or SAG-AFTRA. If SAG-AFTRA, Note Union #.
  • Height & Weight
  • Bicycle type & color if you have one
  • Photos: Attach 2 new color snapshots. l waist up & 1 standing, both facing camera (no hats or sunglasses). We must see your current look

We will contact you if selected. No phone calls please.

Employment Requirements: I-9 paperwork will be filled out on set. U.S. Citizens must present a current U.S. Passport OR two forms of ID: a valid Drivers License or State Photo ID card with either Social Security Card or Birth Certificate. Non U.S. citizens must present current Green Card, Permanent Resident Card or Work Authorization Card from Dept. of Homeland Security.

For the Atlanta area open call for ‘Ant-Man’, see here.

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