MTV show – Are you crazy in Love?

By | February 14, 2014

Tryout for New MTV reality show – seeking people who are CRAZY in love!

Are you “crazy” in love?

Are you crazy in love and want to share your story of ups and downs, fun times and awkward times?

Do you cry when you think about your better half? Are you thinking about your significant other ALL THE TIME, 24 hours a day? Are your friends and family concerned that you are losing touch with the outside world because of your romance? Or maybe no one in your family and group of friends supports your relationship with your flame.

A new honest, groundbreaking MTV show is searching for young couples. We want to document the ups and downs of falling in love by putting the camera in YOUR hands and telling the story from YOUR point of view!

MTV showTell the world how madly in love you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend by documenting it on camera! We’re looking for outgoing, expressive and passionate couples who appear between the ages of 16-24, who want to document the butterflies in their stomach, their sweaty palms, their heart beating faster and the roller coaster ride of emotions. On the flip side if your story is about falling “out of love” we want to hear about that too!!

We’ll give you the technology, you tell us your story!

Falling in love doesn’t last forever so hit us up today and tell us the following:

Your name, boyfriend/girlfriends’ name, location and contact information.
How long you have been dating?
What have been the ups and downs in your relationship?
Why your story needs to be told and why you want to remember this time in your life forever!

Email the above info and a RECENT PICTURE to:

One thought on “MTV show – Are you crazy in Love?

  1. Sandra Frazier

    I have casting experience. I was actually cast for a speaking part in the James Brown movie “Get On Up.” I have also been cast in a play with Alvin Moore in “The Missing Pieces.”


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