New MTV series casting people with family secrets

Do you want to get on MTV?

A new MTV show is looking to cast young adults who want to uncover a family secret.

Do you need help getting to the truth? MTV is prepared to provide that help! Those cast for the show will get the help they need, detectives, experts even DNA tests.

Is there something you always wanted to know about your family?
Is there a subject your family always avoids talking about?
Do you have siblings/relatives that you have never met before?
Do you know your birth parents?
Was there a mysterious death/disappearance in the family?

If you suspect there’s a hidden story in your family, we would love to hear from you for this brand-new MTV documentary series. If selected, we will provide access to experts, detectives, DNA testing … or whatever it takes to find out the truth! The effects could be life-changing!

Are you ready to uncover that family secret? Apply now.

Try out for an MTV Show

Please send your name, picture, a brief description of what you are interested in finding out and your contact info to

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  1. Gabrielle canepa

    I’ve been searching for casting calls for any reality shows and I don’t feel like I’m looking in the right places! Lol I’m 24 years old Italian and Sicilian, loud, bubbly and crazy waiting for my chance on reality tv! I’m chasing a dream and hope for it to come true.

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