New Reality Survival Show “Remote Survivor” Now Casting

Remote Survivor

Think you can survive anything? A cable survival show wants you to prove it!

Do you think you can survive a trek… an adventure… on your own? “Remote Survivor” will be putting survivalists to the test because Metal Flowers Media is now looking for people who can step up to the challenge. The challenge being to survive on a hike away from civilization, in the wild, with only a remote voice helping you along.

Ever watched a survival show and thought to yourself, “I’ve got what it takes to do that,” this is your opportunity and chance to Prove It! The average person stands a 50% chance of surviving in the wild alone for 24 hours. In this cutting edge adventure reality series, you will be the lone adventurer trailing one of the most remote areas in the planet.

Luckily, you’ll have a companion: a survival expert’s voice guiding you step by step and assisting you in intense situations.

All you need… is the ability to follow direction! If you are supremely confident about your ability to survive and have the mindset to get through this mental and physical challenge, apply TODAY.

Now casting remote Survivor

So are you up for the challenge? If so you can send the casting directors an email with your information or fill out the application online.

To apply, please email: with the subject line “Remote Survivor” or submit an online application at

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  1. Keoni Napoleon

    Looks fun

  2. Leodani

    I am 21 and ready but I want my own survival show, not some joke with a robot.

  3. colt

    I believe the will to survive comes from within. Let go of the fact you are guided by a world class professional with a camera on you 24/7. Find water and a way to store it, build a weapon, eat worms and known bugs until you find fish or other edible food sources. Think the way we were built to think 2000-3000 years ago. Go back to being a hunter-gatherer animal that happens to be gifted with logic and you will definitely survive. I don’t have military training, underwater diving skills or an unlimited funded organization to gift me with their knowledge, however I’ve been a backwoods boy my whole life and don’t have a problem if i was forced to live there. The dessert is a different story however I believe that’s why we (as a species) migrated elsewhere. Anyways I would like to be put on one of these shows just for fun. Eat what you need to eat, drink what comes along rest… Isn’t that what we do anyways in a glorified fashion: Eat, Drink, Work, Sh@t and Sleep. Wake up Repeat.


    To whom ever it may concern. I’m a 30 years old. I’m a proud father of 3 boys and 2 girls and a husband. I work as a protection officer in midtown Manhattan for 11 years. I love the outdoors but do not have the time to be in the outdoor’s with nature as I will love too. I know I will be the best candidate. I’m fairly in shape, just have a little belly (The comfortable life) but still strong as an ox. I played football, basketball. I was on swimming team and did weight lifting in high school and still do a little weight lifting. I will love to prove to my family and friend’s and much more myself that I can do it.

  5. Mitchell williamson

    I’m 28 years old, 6 foot 8, out of shape and believe I would be perfect for the show. I love the idea of survival. Let’s get down. Give me a chance!
    Mitchell williamson

  6. Brian Dukes

    I have challenged myself through out my life. But as I have gotten older ( 44 ) it’s reality that my body can’t do what it use to be able to do. Like so many I would love the chance to not only to prove to family and friends, but to myself. My life challenge began at the age 15 when I was accidentally shot point blank in the head, please don’t get me wrong. I have NO handicaps. But seam to have lost of self esteem as I have gotten older not really being able to take risk I did before the accident. I am a pretty healthy 44 year old that had always loved the outdoors. Thanks for checking me out and at least a thought to anyone who may choose me.

  7. Jeff Turner

    I need to do this show! I’m a city boy fascinated with the survival life style. I would love to prove to myself that I can complete a challenge of this nature. What a great opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do. I can do this show.

  8. Michelle

    I believe I can do it. I’m seeing the show, I absolutely love it. I’d like to prove to myself that I can do it and I’m your girl.

  9. Damen Redmond

    My name is Damon Redmond. I have one arm but I have never been scared to try anything. I have 7 kids ,I have always tried to be an inspiration in their lives. I think doing this show will show them that no matter what you go through you can always achieve your goal, if you don’t give up.

    1. Damen Redmond

      I’m just waiting for that call.

  10. Damen Redmond

    My name is Damen. I have one arm and I have never been scared of any challenge. I have 7 kids and I always try to show them no matter what they go through they should never give up. So I ask if I can take a Chan’s at this challenge to give me a Chan’s to push myself out there and show them that if I can do it with one arm, they can do any thing with two arms.

  11. Jason Van Dillen

    I would seriously love to be on your show!

    Please e-mail me back if you have any interest in me!

    Thank you very much!
    Jason Van Dillen

  12. eddie balderas

    I am interested in remote survivor and similar challenges, I was an athlete in high school, college, and masters levels, in track and field. I was also in the military for 11 years, and work as a campus security officer, coach track and field at the high school level. I am 54 years old and enjoy hiking, camping, and bike riding.

    1. Mark.r.vickers

      I am a British and used to be an “off shore diver” I would love this opportunity.

      For fun…

      Tough mudder
      Watch naked and afraid

    2. Larry


      Just wondering if you have heard of or seen the reality show with Creek Stewart called Fat Guys in the Woods?
      It’s not as extreme as Remote Survivor but it does look like it could be challenging.
      Would you have any interest in forming a group of 3 (that’s all their casting is interested in is groups of 3) and auditioning
      Just thought I would take a shot and ask – no harm

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