NYC – Music Video Lead role for a teen boy


Music Video casting teen

The music video will be filming in the New York City area and is now casting for a teen boy ages 12 to 18 to play the lead. This will be filmed in a documentary style.

The video will be filming in the New York City area this coming June and auditions will be held in the New York area. Those interested can follow the below instructions to submit their information directly to the casting directors for the project.

Music Video will plays as a short documentary about a teenage boy (Age 12-18).

We’re searching for the perfect kid as our subject, ideally someone who is sensitive and maybe is a bit introverted.
The video will follow our lead, documentary style, getting a ‘day in the life’ and film him in his environment (at home/school/summer activities), as well as with his family
or friends on some sort of social outing. The video will be an intimate portrait of what it’s like to be a teen.

Casting music video in NYC

New York City- Non-Union
RATE: $500 (For Shoot over 2-3 Days)
SHOOT DATE(S): Mid-June TBD Various Dates
Audition: End of May/ Early June
pre-selection by pics and video now

Male/ age 12-18/ Any Ethnicity/ Ideal candidate is unique,
creative and dances to the beat of his own drum.
He’s sensitive, kind hearted and maybe a little shy.
Read Below for casting instructions.

Please send pic, contact, and short video answering a few of these questions.
What are your interests, what are
your goals/dreams for growing up? What cool things do you
have in your room/house? What’s your favorite part about your day?
What’s your least favorite? What’s the funniest thing that’s ever
happened to you? What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened?
Who’s the greatest influence on your life right now and why?

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