Open Casting Call in Bel Air MD for Multiple Film Projects


Auditions coming up in Maryland for multiple film projects


LOCAL TALENT ONLY NEXT OPEN CALL: September 2nd from 3pm- 8pm (for location and directions, scroll down!)

This month’s open call is a DOOZY! Suited four is slammed, and we need your help!

Crew members from the hit NETFLIX show ‘House of Cards’ will be producing two short films this fall/winter!  

Untitled Horror Film

Looking to cast lead and supporting characters for a short horror film. Union/Non-Union
SAM – Caucasian Male Ages 35 – 45. Father of the house. More white collar than blue collar. Very loving with a great sense of humor.
ANGELA – Caucasian Female Ages 28 – 35 Woman. Mother of the house. Young at heart and physically in shape. Slightly stressed out but still considerate.
TYLER – Caucasian young male Ages 5 – 9. Son. Must be very good with dramatic timing. One long stare can creep you out. Needs a strong voice.
SUSIE – Caucasian young female Ages 11-13. Daughter. Must be able to cry on demand.

‘Gerald, Full of Wonder’

Looking to cast supporting characters for a comedic short that takes place in a comic book store.
MICHAEL- All Ethnicities. Young male ages 18-25 to look younger. No facial hair. Shorter height preferred. Will play the part of comic book collector who’s a bit of an obnoxious jerk.
LISA- All Ethnicities. Female ages 30-40. Working mother. Reasonably attractive and urban looking. This is not a suburban soccer mom.


A psycho-thriller filming locally September 7th-17th. You will need to be available
GARRETT – The lead’s coworker. Late 20’s to early 40’s. Hairy, out of shape, tech guy type.
BOBBY – The lead’s coworker. Late 20’s to late 30’s. Scruffy, sleazy, thinks way cooler than he is.
SEBASTIAN – Movie producer and Kat’s partner. 30’s to 40’s. Aloof. Type of guy who’s typically too busy on his cell phone to give a shit about anyone.
KARL- The lead’s neighbor. 20’s, handsome and charming. Hipster type.
MOVER- 30’s-40’s.

‘Arab and Mooley’

UNI-BOMBER – Must be able to pull of put together detective, and psychotic killer. Very much a Jekyll/Hyde character.

‘Hillbilly Horror Show’ Filming this fall, dates TBA


Casting call in Maryland for multiple film productions

How to prepare for a Suited Four open call:

  • Look your best! This audition will be seen by casting agents, directors, etc., so make sure you represent yourself in the best way possible.
  • Please bring your professional headshot and resume. (If you do NOT have a headshot, don’t fret! We also offer headshot packages starting at $399.00 and going up to packages with full hair and make up at $499.00)
  • You will be asked to fill out an info and sizing sheet, we ask that you fill this form out as honestly as possible as it will be added to your profile in our database used for directors, casting, as well as wardrobe if you are cast.
  • Also, we ask that you please email if you are CONFIRMED to attend the open call. This is just so we can be prepared appropriately.

Helpful tips:

  • Have your headshot and resume stapled together! It makes it is a sure way to make sure the casting director does not lose one or the other, or even mix the two with someone else’s. CHAOS!
  • When auditioning, or performing your monologue, make sure to be aware of your ‘eye line’. If your character is speaking to one person, make sure to choose one spot on the wall past the camera to perform your monologue to. If you change your eye-line too much, it will be distracting and not believable. Also, be aware when doing your monologue to one or both of the casting associates in the room, it can tend to make them uncomfortable and put pressure on them as well.
  • Make sure you are heard, (Back wall!), and understood. It’s helpful to make sure you warm up your voice, tongue, and body before an audition- and it certainly shows!

Also, please keep in mind, we are a casting and production company, not a manager or agent. We will NOT be contacting you personally for work, auditions, or other services. We will be contacting you, however, if one of our directors wants to call you in for a callback based on your original database audition. In this circumstance, we would email or call you to invite you to come back to show us your stuff again!! For more advice and tips, make sure to let us know you’re interested in our Suited Four School.


No appointment necessary (but PLEASE RSVP! email:

The call is first come, first serve. Location: Suited Four Offices 4 North Avenue, Bel Air MD 21014 (When arriving to the audition please park in front of Building 4C and go Suite 422 on the second floor)


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