Open Casting Call for “Vikings”


History Channel’s hit TV series ‘Vikings’ is filming the new season in Ireland.

The show is holding an open casting call in Dublin for those who would like to get cast as paid extras on Vikings season 3.

Casting directors for the series are looking for extras of all ages, all shapes and various ethnicities.

The casting call is calling Vikings from all ethnic backgrounds!

Yes, “Vikings” is seeking background actors of different ethnicities. Not sure what season 3 has in store for us but the casting company wants to find some Middle Eastern,  Indian, African, Asian and African extras for the show as well as Caucasian ones.

Vikings has been a solid show for History channel and the dark theme of the series mixes well with it’s visually stunning backdrop. The series is helmed by Michael Hirst (The Tudors). Season 2 brought us a good amount of battle scenes, ambushes and betrayals so I’m sure season 3 will be just as compelling. Screenrant offered up a few pretty obvious spoilers to the new season and also mentioned a trip to Paris. In an interview with Michael Hirst, Hirst commented about what to expect in season 3 and already talked about “Vikings” season 4.

Well, we’re of course going back to Wessex, because we really like King Ecbert and Princess Kwentrith, she creates mayhem, which is fantastic. Ragnar and Ecbert are kind of equals, they can talk to each other and understand one another. When we go to Paris, we meet the French Emperor, whose the grandson of the great Charlemagne and his daughter. They’re both very important, because this is a story-line that isn’t going to go away. It’s a story that will go right through season 3 and then straight into season 4. It will have a huge impact on several of our leading characters.

Vikings season 3 extras casting call

Vikings boasts a very international cast which includes Travis Fimmel as Ragnar, Clive Standen plays his brother Rollo, Jessalyn Gilsig as Siggy, Gustaf Skarsgård plays Floki, Katheryn Winnick as wife / ex-wife by season 2 Lagertha, George Blagden plays Ragnar’s Christian friend Athelstan, Jefferson Hall as Torstein, Donal Logue played the recently departed King Horik, Maude Hirst as Floki’s girl Helga, Alyssa Sutherland plays Ragnar’s new squeeze Princess Aslaug, John Kavanagh is the way too creepy un-named Seer, Thorbjørn Hare played the…also recently departed Jarl Borg and Alexander Ludwig os Ragnar’s son, Bjorn.

If you would love a chance to be on the Vikings, here is your chance… well that’s only if you live in Ireland where the series is filming. There will be an open casting call there this week and the production is seeking many extras.

Vikings 2015 coming soon

Vikings and Game of Thrones are both currently filming their new seasons in Ireland and both shows have been putting out casting calls for extras.

Open Call Details:

The Vikings open casting call will be held on August 16th

Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Locals can come on down and meet with casting directors between the hours of 10:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

For those that cannot attend the casting call, they have setup an online form that you may submit. You can find the form here and email it to Please note that this is filming in Ireland, So please only submit if you are local to the area and are legally allowed to work in Ireland.

The new season will premiere in early 2015.

The trailer for Vikings season 3 was unveiled at comic con, check it out

31 thoughts on “Open Casting Call for “Vikings”

  1. Denis Theriault

    I am Interested in an Acting or Extra in Vikings or Game of Thrones.

  2. Christopher Holmberg

    Hi there.
    I would love to be part of the casting!
    I’m 1.94 Tall and 95 kg. Long blonde hair, in tail with beard.

  3. chelsea

    I would love to be on the show Vikings but live in Pennsylvania… Would love a lead role as a warrior just like Lagertha!

  4. Neil Rainey

    I would be interested in being an extra on Vikings if it is not too late? I played a prison officer as an extra in The Fall. Thanks

  5. Victoria Ogilvie

    This looks like an amazing opportunity, but it won’t let me fill out the online form. it will only open it as an image. I can’t make it to the audition. I would need to drive and I can’t afford the cash to fuel my car to get me that far.

    do I have to print the form then fill it out? I’m confused. I want to do this so badly!

    1. erica Post author

      I believe they want those attending to print it and fill it out to bring with them. If not attending, you would need to print, fill out and then email it.

  6. jamie drennan

    Hi. Can’t make the casting but am very interested. I have experience at sailing and archery. Thanks

  7. Seamus Cunningham

    Really interested in being an extra and i live in Dublin, how do I audition?

    1. erica Post author

      I believe you just need to attend the open casting call.

  8. fredrik

    I would love to be an extra! Swedish guy, 1:76 m long. 72 kg. dark blond hair.

  9. Banshee

    I’d be really interested in auditioning, but would need transport from sheffield UK.

  10. kirsty

    I would love to be a part of the show, would be amazing 🙂

  11. vikinglass

    Ragnar and Aslaug, is in my family tree, I’d LOOOOOOVE a chance to be in this, and maybe get someone to verify my tree as well

  12. Niklas Andersson

    greetings from Sweden, love the show! would be cool being a part of it!

  13. turan gunes

    I would love to take part…it would be so exciting for me.

    1. Sarah Drake

      ‘Game of Thrones’ filming in NI I think

  14. Alannah Mullins

    Should I bring anything on the 16th if I end up going?

  15. victor lacey

    Cant seem to be able to fill out the app form or do I have to print it off?
    would love to work on this show as I’m a huge fan and love the whole history of the vikings, transport available!

  16. craig

    I’m interested in going for cast calls for leading roles. From belfast so transport not an issue. Previous experience from game of thrones.

  17. Cody

    wow, this would really be nice! It’s too bad I have no time, transportation, or social skills to speak of. I’d really love to do this though. But, after I get through college maybe I’ll take a shot at it.

  18. michael little

    Check out Ulveflokk vikings, portraying vikings in Scotland 850-1066. Australian reenactment.

  19. Sandy Skidell

    Why don’t you have any Norwegian Elkhounds in your show. The are the Dogs of the Vikings. They hunted with them, were on the boats with them.!

  20. Christopher

    I would to audition, but I have no way of getting to Dublin.

  21. Remy Saborit

    I would really love to be a northman or even a Saxon since I’m born in France and cannot stand my ground every time I hear the word VIKINGS !!!

  22. Monica Estrada

    I am available for anything. I need an opportunity thank you so much.

  23. Tarsha Newson

    I Love Watching The Vikings. I Would Love To Be A Extra For THAT Movie.

  24. Carol Nevin

    I’m really interested in any extras or leading roles. Thank you


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