Reality show: Have you lost a love connection?


Are you looking for a love connection you met on vacation?

Type: Docu-series

Ladies and Gents – Ever dream of reaching out and finding that one person you might have met on vacation… shared a special weekend, night or moment in time with…had an instant attraction and amazing chemistry… and poof! You lost a way to find them … can’t remember his last name… lost his information by some crazy random act… but you certainly remember how you felt about this person…always wondered what if?

Documentary/ Docu-series about long lost “love” connections- that u can’t find, or even gave up looking….We want to help you find this lost love who got away- even in this world of social media. … part of the show is the challenge of finding this lost love … fly you to wherever he/she may be to meet up and possibly rekindle that fire. Seeking women and men for this series who are smart, talkative, open-…who genuinely want to find that this long lost connection.. Maybe forgot how to spell his/her name……maybe even forgot his name! Back in college … On a foreign trip….Hot beach romance… even in this world of social media…You can’t find them!

Compensation for 8-10 days of traveling and filming. – All travel paid.

Ever dreamed of going back to… Hong Kong…. Italy… France….Ireland … Caribbean …… Maybe even in the rainforests of South America …..

Timing is off the essence email today

Payment: Paid


City or Location of call:
Please submit to: by 2014-02-13

This casting notice was posted by: Christina Caparoula Casting Director

4 thoughts on “Reality show: Have you lost a love connection?

  1. Kris

    Is this real? Sorry I had to ask. There is a girl I’m hoping to reconnect with again. Thing is we met back in Spring 2007. I tried social media and even Craigslist but no avail. Is it likely that I may reconnect with her?

    1. Kris

      I forgot to write: if it is humanly possible, by any means whatsoever (I don’t know what she’s up to these days), then I may apply for the show.

    2. Sarah Drake

      You wont know until you try… good luck

  2. Lynea Ransom

    Do a reality show on poor me, like me having a hard time paying the light bill or water bill. I guess you would know any thing about that. I love reality shows and would love to be on one some day.

    Lynea Ransom


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