Theater Audition in Oregon – “Samson”

Audition Notice for ‘Samson, A One-Man Army

Location: Newberg, OR / Salem & Newberg Performance

Type: Theater

A Musical by Marilyn Olson and MCO Productions

Show Info: The Philistine world is a dangerous place for Nivia and her sister, Faradi. Raised in a polygamist, male-dominated culture where child brides are common, the two girls live in fear. To make matters worse, their recently widowed alcoholic father has brought home a drinking companion to serve as their stepmother. She, devout to her pagan god, Dagon, is determined to win for herself riches in this life, as well as the security of Paradise in the next by talking the girls’ father into allowing one or both of the girls to become a virgin sacrifice for Dagon.

If unsuccessful, her next goal would be to have the girls serve as temple “workers.” The young Philistine sisters meet the Jewish boy, Samson, and their lives change forever. This is their story. Full of intrigue, unrequited love, surprising twists and turns, this story takes a fresh look at this familiar story and tells it with honesty, humor, and ultimately becomes a message of hope.

There is music, choreography, comical characters and lots of fun along the way.
MCO is a non-profit organization based in Newberg, OR. Samson is the 6th musical to be produced by MCO. All cast and crew are volunteer positions. This is a family-friendly show committed to providing biblical entertainment at its finest.

Rehearsals Sat. and Sun. afternoons January-February with additional Mon. evening rehearsals as needed.
Eight Performances: Feb. 27, 28, March 6, 7, 13 at 7pm. March 1, 8 at 3pm. March 13 at noon.

All performances are at Northside Church, except two on March 13, at the Elsinore Theater in Salem.

Samson Theater project in Oregon

Cast: SAMSON, male age 16-30, baritone, athletic build;

NIVIA, female age 14-19, mezzo soprano, dancer; ARYBET, male age 16-30, tenor, dancer; YOUNG FARADI, female age 9-12, soprano, dancer;

MANOAH, male age 20-60, baritone;

FARADI, female age 20-35, mezzo soprano;

YEGER, male age 20-40, baritone;

DELILAH, female age 15-30, alto;

JELUSE, male or female age 20-60

ANAH, female age 20-60, alto;

FROWOL, female age 20-40, alto

Secondary roles with major speaking parts:

DARUG, female;


JUTASAF, male;

NERVAT, male;

DYLAMAS (Faradi’s son), male age 5-12 w/ unchanged voice;

NIAC, male;

SPUTS, male.


Audition Dates:

Friday, November 7, 6:30-8:30pm
Saturday, November 8, 2:00-5:00pm

Northside Community Church at 1800 Hoskins St, Newberg, OR 97132

Please make an audition appointment for either day at
Bring a headshot, calendar for scheduling conflicts, a prepared monologue and a song of your choice (approx. 2 min. each). Pianist is available; please bring sheet music in correct key with cuts clearly marked, or accompaniment CD.

Dancing will not be required at this first audition.
Call Backs: Friday, November 14, 6:30-8:30

CHORUS: some speaking parts, approximately nine women & four men, ages 15-60.
*If you have any questions, please contact Sherri Janzen at

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Newberg, OR
Please submit to: by 2014-10-18

This casting notice was posted by: MCO Productions

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