Toronto, ON Feature Film “My Brother’s Rifle” Lead Roles

My Brother’s Rifle

Location: Toronto, ON

Type: Film

My Brother’s Rifle” is Adam King and March Mercanti’s first co-producing/co-directing credit together since working as producer and writer/director, respectively, on their last short “Bow To Your Prince“.

Having carefully developed the script for “My Brother’s Rifle” over the past seven months, the film is now ready to enter its pre-production phase.

The crew will aim to film July 13th to July 20th, although this date may change. We are casting over the next two months and have extended this casting call to Toronto area residents.

Please see all six (6) roles below and submit a RESUME, HEADSHOT, AND LETTER OF INTENT AS TO WHY YOU WOULD FIT THE ROLE YOU ARE APPLYING FOR if you are interested in auditioning.

PLEASE NOTE: Only those selected for an audition will be contacted.

JEB (11-14) (Caucasian) (Primary Role)
CHARACTERISTICS: young; curious; quiet; playful; careless; listener; child
GREATEST MOTIVATION: Jeb wants to prove to his brother he is worthy of using his rifle.
DESCRIPTION: Jeb is the youngest member of his family, at twelve, and is at the bottom of the hierarchy. His curiosity has gotten him into trouble before and ultimately will lead him into it again during this story. He cares for and looks up to Dawson, but allows his juvenile nature to overshadow this when he takes the rifle from his brother behind his back.

DAWSON (21-28) (Caucasian) (Primary Role)
CHARACTERISTICS: bold; intelligent; soft; responsible; calm; patient; leader
GREATEST MOTIVATION: Dawson wants to take care of his mother and younger brother now that his father has abandoned the household.
DESCRIPTION: Dawson is the breadwinner within his household, at twenty-three. After his father abandons his family, he has no choice but to drop out of school, take on a job, and raise money to support his family. He is trying to teach Jeb to be as responsible as him, although he is far too demanding in his attempt. His authority is heard but is far too strict, unforgiving, and serious for Jeb to appreciate and respect; this his greatest folly.

FRANK (41-51) (Caucasian) (Secondary Role)
CHARACTERISTICS: vile; indecent; dishonest; gross; mental; calm
GREATEST MOTIVATION: Frank hides his mental illness beneath his façade of town sheriff.
DESCRIPTION: Using his badge to hide his mental illness, Frank, at forty-seven, molests small children in the village he governs. He is never suspect to the actions he carries out and is considered the most upstanding, friendly, honest, and trustworthy individual in the township.

POLICE OFFICER (31-41) (Caucasian) (Secondary Role)
CHARACTERISTICS: middle-aged; tall; dark; clean-cut; stern
GREATEST MOTIVATION: To capture the person who committed the crime.
DESCRIPTION: The police officer serves as comedic relief and is essential in bringing justice to the town after Frank’s departure. He is hard spoken, intelligent, and careful in his approach.

JUDGE (51-60) (Caucasian) (Secondary Role)
CHARACTERISTICS: wise; curt; unsympathetic; lawful; aggressive; precise
GREATEST MOTIVATION: To bring justice to whoever committed the crime.
DESCRIPTION: The judge is intolerant to that outside of the law. Whatever the motivation for the crime, he (like s/he who sits before him to be judged), is judged under the eyes of God, and God alone.

ELAINE (41-50) (Any Ethnicity) (Secondary Role)
CHARACTERISTICS: passive; pleasant; secretary
GREATEST MOTIVATION: To create a sense of calm and balance at the police station while maintaining all reports are delivered in a timely fashion.
DESCRIPTION: Paired with the POLICE OFFICER, ELAINE adds comedic relief and delivers pertinent information to the audience and to the POLICE OFFICER.

Thank you for taking the time to review this casting call and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best in your film endeavours,
The MBR team

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Toronto, ON
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This casting notice was posted by: Adam King

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  1. Christopher Flaherty
    895 Ripley Crescent
    Oshawa, ON
    (647) 889 3263

    April 09, 2014

    Adam King and March Mercanti,
    My Brothers Rifle

    Dear, Adam King and March Mercanti

    I have read about your new production and am very excited about it. I would love to come out and audition for the role of Dawson. The minute I read his character description about him being intelligent, calm, patient, soft, and responsible I knew that I should be the one to play this character. I feel like I can really connect with Dawson on a real emotional level. I am very similar to the character’s description and have faced a lot of the same struggles in real life that Dawson has. I had to help take care of my mother in my late teens because she had a heart transplant and needed a lot of help. I really don’t feel like there is another actor that has had both the extensive training and real life experience needed to play this demanding role. Given the chance I would love to immerse myself in this role and make discoveries about this character.

    Given the opportunity I really feel like I would be the perfect fit for the film “My Brother’s Rifle”. I am an actor with a very solid background of training from some of the top studios in the Toronto and private coaching under the teachings of actor Walter Alza as well as more hands on experience in Vancouver. Along with this and my experiences there is not another actor that can bring what I can to this character.

    I have attached a link to my site on Casting Workbook. My resume and headshot are there for your review. I do however have a more updated resume which I can send you via email if desired. I very much look forward to hearing from you.


    Christopher Flaherty

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