Feature Film Casting Nationwide for paid principal roles

By | April 2, 2014

The Great WTYT 960 Billboard Sitting Contest

Location: Nationwide

Type: Film

STORYLINE: Movie is about Casey Lindeweiler who inherited a struggling radio station, WTYT 960. To bring the station out of struggling ratings basement, he devises a plan to host a billboard-sitting contest, where four lucky people will live on a catwalk, eight feet wide by forty feet long, in front of a billboard to win a mobile home and “nine sixty” thousand dollars. This project blurs the lines between fact and fiction. Looking for diverse actors.


[SHELBY] Female. A pixie type Southern gal in her early twenties, is an aspiring artist who is a lot tougher than she looks. Shelby enters the contest as an escape from her cheating finance and her past. All she wants to do is focus on her art. (Actress must be comfortable being in underwear.)

[JOSH] Caucasian. Mid-30s. is a Pennsylvania Dutchman who sports a balding mullet and will do anything to make a buck. He leaves the comforts of his motel room where he lives with his wife, daughter, his daughter’s half sister and her father, to attempt to win the contest. Josh is as honest as the day is long and will do anything for his daughter.

[ELLEN] Female. Middle aged. She is a stroke victim who’s paralyzed on her right side, is mourning the death of her husband. Ellen enters the contest out of shear loneliness and as a way to continue on with her speech, physical and mental health therapies. Who would have thought that billboard sitting contestants make good therapists?

[CLARK] Male. Mid-twenties. He is a self absorbed want-to-be hipster who wants to be famous and fame is the only reason why he entered the contest. Clark tries to promote his band and starts a video blog Clarkcam to share his events with his adoring fans, a.k.a. his mom. Must Play guitar and sing. Can be in a known band.

[CASEY] 30-something. He inherited WTYT 960 from his legendary father to find the station is in the ratings basement and saddled with a mountain of debt. Wondering what he got himself into, he pulls out one of the oldest tricks in radio, the whacky contest. His grand idea to restore the call letters of the past is to host a billboard sitting contest.

2014 DATES: This is an 18 week commitment. All dates subject to change

7/27-8/4 Web series shoot
8/5-9/16 Film Shoot (PA)
9/17-24 Live Performance Rehearsal (PA)
9/25-10/4 Live Performances (PA) 10 Performances
10/9-11/2 Live Performances (NYC) 30 Performances
Location: NYC & Allentown, PA

Payment: Paid

Great Wyyt billboard sitting contest auditions for lead roles

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: zeke@wtyt960.com

This casting notice was posted by: Zeke Zelker

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