Try out for GSN “The Chase” – Nationwide casting on now

By | March 24, 2014

Get on the GSN game show “The Chase”

The Chase” is coming back with a brand new season which means that the show is looking for contestants!

GSN’s hit quiz show The Chase will be holding casting calls in Los Angeles, D.C. Austin, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

The show is looking for trivia whizzes across the country to take on the ‘Chaser’ and maybe even walk away with a huge cash prize.

To apply for the show, you will need to visit . Those who would like to attend an open casting call can register online for a spot at one of the tryout locations. If you do not live near one of the cities the show’s casting teams will be coming to, you can still apply online and follow the instruction for submitting an audition video. Instructions for what you need to put in your audition video and other information can also be found on the site.

The show will be coming to the following cities searching for contestants for “The Chase“.
March 29th in Los Angeles, April 5th in Washington D.C., April 5th in Austin, Texas, April 12th in New York City, April 19th in San Francisco and April 19th in Chicago.

Get on GSN "The Chase"

About The Show:

Each episode of ‘the Chase” has 3 new contestants compete on each episode. Each person on the show gets to play against the ‘Chaser’, starting with a round where they try to answer as many questions correctly as possible during a one minute rapid-fire round, with each correct answer adding $5,000 to their bank. After the minute is up, the contestant competes against the Chaser in order to retain their bank and continue to the Final Chase.

In the Chase, the contestant’s goal is to answer enough questions correctly to move their winnings into the team bank without being caught by the Chaser.

The contestant must answer five questions correctly without being caught to bank the money and continue to the Final Chase. However, the Chaser offers the contestant two additional options prior to the start of the round. The contestant can play for a higher amount of money than initially banked, but must instead answer six questions correctly without being caught. The contestant can also choose to play for a lower amount and only be required to answer four questions correctly without being caught.

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